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Dr Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum® is a SIMPLE method for differentiating instruction in classrooms for all grade levels. It remains the only differentiated instructional method Originally designed for high school classrooms.

Based on current brain-imaging information, Layered Curriculum is a fun and effective student-centered teaching method. This 3-layer model of differentiated instruction encourages complex thinking and holds students highly accountable for their learning.

If the Thought of Flipping Your Classroom Makes You Dizzy, Tip It Sideways Instead While the flipped classroom is discussed in the media, online PD sessions and trade books, the reality is that out in the trenches, we don't see it happening too much......

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Find out how easy it is to build and use Layered Curriculum units in your classroom. Yes, you can differentiate any subject and grade level!

How Do I Get Started?

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Layered Curriculum®: In a Nutshell

HELP! How do I start Layered Curriculum with my current students?

Advantages to a Layered Curriculum classroom.


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What's goes in a Layer?

C Layer : : Basic knowledge, understanding. The student builds on his/her current level of core information.   
B Layer : : Application or manipulation of the information learned in the C layer. Problem solving or other higher level thinking tasks can be placed here.
A Layer : :
Critical Thinking and Analysis. This layer requires the highest and most complex thought. Create leaders, voters.

Watch a 15-minute Tutorial: How Do I Begin Layered Curriculum?
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Who is Dr Kathie Nunley?

Dr Nunley is an educational psychologist with 20 years experience as a high school teacher in both urban and suburban settings.
She is the developer of the Layered Curriculum® method of instruction used by thousands of teachers worldwide. Her work has been used by hundreds of public and independent school districts across North American as well as Family Circle Magazine, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Canada Living and the Boeing Corporation.

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