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Limited English Proficient Students

by Kathie F. Nunley, EdD

There are four main stages a student goes through to acquire a second language. The first one is a silent period. This is the equivalent to everyone's first several months of life. The person is dependent upon listening to other's language in order to build their own.

The second stage involves speaking one or two words and short phrases. Motivation and encouragement are important at this stage.

During the third stage includes expanding the person's receptive language. Now the person can speak with longer phrases.

The fourth stage allows the person to participate in conversations and speak with full sentences.

 Classroom tips for including LEP students:

*Look for meaning and connections in assessing assignments.

 *Create an environment where students feel free to take risks.

 *Provide written copies of lessons and lecture material.

 *Have a variety of textbooks available including ones for person's with low reading ability.

 *Offer some assignments that are to be done in a language other than English.

 *Have other, more advanced LEP students, translate assignment sheets. These can be laminated and kept on file for new students

Kathie F. Nunley is an educational psychologist, author, researcher and speaker living in southern New Hampshire. Developer of the Layered Curriculum® method of instruction, Dr. Nunley has authored several books and articles on teaching in mixed-ability classrooms and other problems facing today's teachers. Full references and additional teaching and parental tips are available at: http://Help4Teachers.com Email her:
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