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Virgil Johnson
Granger High School
Salt Lake City, Utah

Chapters 21-24 Name____________________


Section 1. Choose any assignment for a maximum of 70 pts.

1. Pet rocks were a popular fad in the seventies. They came packaged in their own carry all with a set of tongue-in-cheek directions for their care and were priced at just $5.00 each. Pick out a suitable rock, create a container for the rock, name your pet, and write directions for the care and feeding of the rock. 15 pts.

2. All of the following were invented during the seventies: Sony Walkman personal cassette players, pocket calculators, inexpensive (under $10.00) digital watches, video games played on the TV screen, prerecorded video cassettes, and miniature TV screens. Pretend it is the year 2025 and you are writing about inventions of the 1990's. Make a catalog of these inventions complete with pictures and descriptions of how each is used. 10 pts.

3. How-to-books were popular in the seventies. Determine a topic that interests you and write a how-to-book. Some suggestions titles include "How to Write a Term Paper; How to look Good on a Budget, How to make Friends, How to Disco Dance." 15 pts.

4. In the mid-seventies plain t-shirts were out and 5-shirts decorated with words or slogans were in. Brainstorm a list of words or phrases that might have been popular in the seventies. Think of events such as Watergate, the oil embargo, the Twenty-Sixth Amendment, etc. Draw and cut out large t-shirt shapes from a piece of butcher paper and decorate each one with some seventies lingo and/or pictures. 15 pts.

5. List items you can do to clean up and protect the environment at home or in the state of the United States on a daily basis. Create a book using 25 of these ideas. Draw pictures to illustrate the ideas. 15 pts.

6. Citizen band radios were popular during the seventies, especially among truckers. They invented their own vocabulary or lingo to communicate with one another. Make a dictionary of CB terms and their meanings. You may be able to find a prepared list of terms from a CB supply store as a suggestions 10 pts.

7. Mood rings were another popular fad of the seventies. Invent a new fad for the seventies. Illustrate your fad by developing an advertising poster that would prompt others to purchase the item. 10 pts.

8. The 1977 movie STAR WARS set a new standard for visual effects in motion pictures. List the new visual effects that are currently being used in films. Write about an innovative special effect for the next decade. For example, smellovision would allow movie goers to smell what is on the screen, from the exhaust of cars to the food the characters eat. 10 pts.


Section 2. Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. After listening to the following singers: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Elvis Presley, relate how their drug use not only affected their lives but their songs.

2. "Roots" portrayal of African Americans and their culture, followed a family from its early origins to the United States depicting their family history. Create your family history tree going back to your families early history to America.


Section 3. Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Find information about Gary Gilmore's execution and defend your stand on Capital Punishment in an essay.

2. Research the pro and con of Affirmative Action policy and in your conclusion answer the question as to who benefitted the most.

A 100-96 A- 95-91 B+ 90-86 B 85-81 B- 80-76 C+ 75-71 C 70-66

C- 65-61 D+ 60-56 D 55-51 D- 50-46