Biology Unit 3 Chemistry of Life Layered Assignments

Alan Dewey
Wabasso High School 


1.  Understand why water is important for living things.

2.  Recognize that cells are composed primarily of a few elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur), and describe the basic molecular structures and the primary functions of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.

3.  Understand the function of enzymes in the body.

LAYER C- BASIC UNDERSTANDING (Choose a total of 30 pts from the assignments below. 

* indicates a required assignment.  Must be present in class to earn points for notes.)

Day 1- Water and Carbon Compounds

____ 1a. Summarize demonstrations done in class (VL-5 pts)

____ 1b.   Make a poster of the properties of water (VS-5 pts).

____ *2a. What would the effect be if each of the molecules in your body suddenly weren’t there? (VL-5 pts).

____ 2b.   Make a table summarizing the molecules in your body (LM, VL-5 pts).

____ 2c.  Make a poster illustrating the molecules in your body (VS-5 pts).

____ 2d.   In groups of 4, create a skit about the molecules in your body (BK, IE-5 pts).

____ 2e.   With a partner, write a song about the molecules in your body (MU-5 pts). 

 Day 2- Enzymes/Work Day

____ *3a. Set up potato enzyme lab (VL-5 pts).

____ 3b. Write a story about a fictional enzyme (VL-5 pts).

____ 3c.   Learn about the job of one enzyme and make a poster showing what you learned (VS-5 pts).

____ All.  Complete unit worksheets (VL, IA-5 pts).

____ All. Make vocabulary flashcards for all relevant terms in the unit (VL-5 pts).

____ All. Complete end of chapter questions pg. 171-173 #2, 5-7, 9, 11, 20, 23, 25, 1-3 (VL-5 pts).

____ All. Secretary position- proofread and edit another student’s written assignment (VL-5 pts).

____ All. Play review Jeopardy (IE-5 pts). 

 Day 3- Work day/Jeopardy

 Day 4- Layer B lab day

 Day 5- Layer A work day/All assignments due


    ____ *1.   Perform the enzyme lab and complete the lab sheet. 

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 Using 2 resources, either write a 1 page paper or create a 6 slide powerpoint presentation exploring one of the questions below.  The last paragraph or slide should include your conclusion. 

    ____ 1.   Why is it important for the body to get plenty of water?  What are the effects when the body doesn’t get enough water?

____ 2.   Is the Atkins diet a good or bad idea?

    ____ 3.   Research a disease caused by a defective enzyme.  What is the name and function of the enzyme?  What causes the disease and can it be prevented?

    ____ 4.   Develop a survey about exercise.  Survey at least 10 people that you know.  Graphically summarize  
    the results of your survey.  Do the people surveyed represent the majority of the population in the U.S.  Also, is exercise good or bad for us?

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