Earth Science Chapter 20 The Solar System Layered Assignments

Alan Dewey
Wabasso High School 


1. The student will recognize that the sun is the principal energy source for the solar system and that this energy is transferred in the form of radiation.

2. The student will recognize that the sun is a medium-sized star and is the closest star to Earth. It is the central and largest body in the solar system and is one of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

3. The student will compare and contrast the planets, taking into account their composition, mass and distance from the sun and recognize the conditions that have allowed life to flourish on Earth.

LAYER C- BASIC UNDERSTANDING (Choose a total of 75 pts from the assignments below. 

* indicates a required assignment.  Must be present in class to earn points for notes.)


 Day 1- History and Sun Notes (Sections 20.1 and 20.2) (Choose 2 from #1-4)

____ 1.   Read sections 20.1-20.2 and complete section worksheets (VL-5 pts).

____ 2. Make a timeline of the history of astronomy including astronomers and their discoveries (LM-5 pts).

____ 3.   Make a table comparing the two models for the solar system presented in section 20.1 (LM-5 pts).

____ 4.  Make a poster showing the parts of the sun (VS-5 pts).


 Day 2- Sunspots

____ 5. *Complete Stormy Sunspots lab, pg. 711 (VS-5 pts). 

 Days 3-4 Planets (Sections 20.3-20.4)

____ 6. *View "The Planets" video and list at least one feature per planet (VS-5 pts).

____ 7. *Complete the “Can You Planet” worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 8.   Read sections 20.3-20.4 and complete section worksheets (VL-10 pts).

____ 9. Compare Earth to three inner and three outer planets, listing similarities and differences (LM- 10 pts).

 Days 5-6- Planet Games

____ 11. Complete 2 solar system bingo cards (VS-5 pts).

____ 12. With a partner create a planet board game (VS-5 pts).  

 Day 7- Solar System Size

____ 13. *Complete the “How Big is the Solar System” worksheet (LM-5 pts).

____ 14. Do solar system size activity (BK, VS-5 pts).

 Day 8- Other Space Objects Notes (Section 20.5)

____ 16.   Read section 20.5 and complete section worksheet (VL-5 pts).


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 Day 9- Layer C work day

____ 18.   *Complete 5 ?’s review worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 21.   Listen to lecture and take notes each day (VL)  1    2    3    4    5

Day 10- Planet quiz, start Layer B

Day 11- Layer B work day

Day 12- Layer A work day/All assignments due

Day 13- Planetarium field trip



Using 2 sources, write a three paragraph paper no longer than one page to answer one question below.  The first paragraph should be an introduction.  The second paragraph should give facts and information about your question, such as pros and cons.  The third paragraph should give your opinion based on your research.  You should list your sources below. 

____ 1.   Should Pluto have been declassified as a planet?   

____ 2. Should humans try to colonize Mars?

____ 3.  Should humans be concerned about large objects in our solar system hitting the Earth?

____ 4. Could there be life on other planets? 

1.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


2.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


Total Grade:  _____ / 100 Parent/Guardian Signature (XC):  ______________________________