Earth Science Chapters 3-4 Layered Assignments

 Minerals and Rocks

Alan Dewey
Wabasso High School 


1. The student will classify and identify rocks and minerals using characteristics including density, color, hardness, luster, streak, and texture.

2.  The student will explain the processes that form minerals.

3. The student will describe the various processes and interactions of the rock cycle.

LAYER C- BASIC UNDERSTANDING- Choose a total of 75 pts from the assignments below. 

* indicates a required assignment.  Must be present in class to earn points for notes.


 Day 1- Properties of Minerals (Section 3.1)

____ 1.   Complete sections 3.1-3.2 worksheets (VL-5 pts).

____ 2. Make a poster illustrating the properties used to identify minerals (VS-5 pts).

____ 3. Make a poster showing the Mohs hardness scale (LM, VS-5 pts).  

 Day 2- How Minerals Form (Section 3.2)

____ 4. *Grow a crystal garden in class (BK-5 pts). 

 Day 3- Mineral Density Lab/Using Mineral Resources (Section 3.3)

____ 5.  *Complete mineral density lab (5 pts).  

 Days 4-5- Mineral Identification Lab

____ 6. *Complete the mineral identification lab (BK, IE- 10 pts). 

 Day 6- Classifying Rocks (Section 4.1)

____ 7.  Complete section 4.1 worksheets (VL-5 pts).

____ 8. Make a poster illustrating the properties used to classify rocks (VS-5 pts). 

 Days 7-8- Types of Rocks (Sections 4.2-4.4)

____ 9. Complete sections 4.2, 4.3, 4.5 worksheets (LM-10 pts).

____ 10. Make a poster illustrating one of the types of one of the categories of rocks (VS-10 pts). 

 Day 9- The Rock Cycle (Section 4.6)

____ 11.  Complete the section 4.6 worksheets (VL- 5 pts).

____ 12. Create a poster showing the rock cycle (VS-5 pts).

____ 13. Using clay, model a rock going through the rock cycle (BK- 5 pts).

____ 14. Write a skit with 2-3 other people about the rock cycle (BK, IE-10 pts).

____ 15. Write a song or rap about the rock cycle (MU, IE-10 pts). 

____ 16.   With 1-2 other people create a game that allows the player to review the rock cycle (IE-10 pts).

 Day 10- Layer C Work Day

____ 18. *Complete 5 ?’s review worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 19.   Listen to lecture and take notes each day (VL).  1    2    3    4    5

____ 20.   Make vocab flashcards or crossword for all relevant terms in the unit (VL-5 pts). 

____ 21. Complete review questions pgs. 89-90 #1-5, 6-9, 12-15, 18; pgs. 1-3, 5-7, 9, 12, 17-20 (VL, IA-10 pts).

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 Days 11-12- Rock Identification Lab (Section 4.6)

____ 22.  *Complete rock identification lab (BK, IE- 10 pts). 

Day 13- Layer B- Rock Collection Lab.

Day 14- Layer A work day.

Day 15- (if needed) All assignments due.


____ 1. *Rock Collection- students will collect 10-12 rocks and organize them in a display that should include the rock # in collection, date collected, location, location description, rock description (color, shape, size, grains, bands, etc.), classification (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic), and identification.


Write a three paragraph paper no longer than one page to answer one question below.  The questions may require additional research.  The first paragraph should be an introduction to your question.  The second paragraph should give facts and information about your question, such as pros and cons.  The third paragraph should give your opinion based on your research.  You should list your sources below. 

____ 2.  Why are diamonds such a valued mineral?

____ 3.  What minerals are important to a person’s health and why they are important?

____ 4. Is mining for coal good or bad?

1.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


2.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


Total Grade:  _____ / 100  Parent/Guardian Signature:  ______________________________