Earth Science Chapters 8-9 Layered Assignments

Weathering and Erosion

Alan Dewey
Wabasso High School 


1. The student will describe how features on the Earth’s surface are created and constantly changing through a combination of slow and rapid processes of weathering, erosion, sediment deposition, and landslides.

2. The student will recognize that constructive and destructive Earth processes can affect the evidence of Earth’s history.

3. The student will describe how glaciers, gravity, wind, temperature changes, waves and rivers cause weathering and erosion.

LAYER C- BASIC UNDERSTANDING- Choose a total of 75 pts from the assignments below. 

* indicates a required assignment.  Must be present in class to earn points for notes.


 Day 1- Rocks and Weathering (Section 8.1)

____ 1.   Complete section 8.1 worksheet (VL-5 pts).

    ____ 2. Make a poster showing the difference between mechanical and chemical weathering (VS-5 pts).

____ 3. Write two complete paragraphs summarizing mechanical and chemical weathering (VL-5 pts). 

 Day 2- Soil (Sections 8.2-8.3) 

____ 4. *Complete contour plowing lab (BK-5 pts). 

 Day 3- Changing Earth’s Surface (Section 9.1)

____ 5.   Complete section 9.1 worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 6. Model erosion and deposition with clay in the teacher led activity (BK-5 pts). 

 Day 4- Sand Hills Lab

____ 7. *Complete the sand hills lab pgs. 270-271 and questions 1-6 (BK-10 pts). 

 Day 5- Water Erosion (Section 9.2)

____ 8. Complete section 9.2 worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 9. Make a poster showing the types of landforms made by river erosion (VS-5 pts). 

 Day 6- The Force of Moving Water (Section 9.3) and Stream Table

____ 10. *Write a paragraph in your journal describing how water moves around curves (VL-5 pts). 

 Day 7- Glaciers (Section 9.4)

____ 11. Complete section 9.4 worksheet (VL-5 pts).

____ 12. Make a poster showing the types of landforms made by glaciers (VS-5 pts). 

 Day 8- Waves and Wind (Sections 9.5-9.6)

____ 13. Complete sections 9.5-9.6 worksheets (VL-10 pts).

____ 14. Make a poster showing the types of landforms made by waves and wind (VS-10 pts). 

 Days 9-10 Layer C Work Days

____ 15. *Complete 5 ?’s review worksheet (VL-10 pts).

____ 16.   Listen to lecture and take notes each day (VL).  1    2    3    4    5 

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____ 17. Write a skit or news report with 2-3 other people about erosion (BK, IE-10 pts).

____ 18. Write a song or rap with 2-3 other people about erosion (MU, IE-10 pts). 

    ____ 19. You are a large rock perched on a hillside. Describe the forces you feel working on you in summer and winter. What are your chances of tumbling down the hillside and ending up in the river below? If you tumble into the river, what forces do you feel now? What is likely to happen to you or your fragmented parts? (VL-10 pts).

____ 20.   Make vocab flashcards or crossword for all relevant terms in the unit (VL-10 pts). 

Day 11- Chapter 8-9 test.

Days 12-14- Layer B lab.

Day 15- Layer A work day.


    ____ 1. *With a partner, build two landscapes out of sand that show the effects of erosion.  One model will be before erosion and the second model should be after erosion.


Using 2 sources, write a three paragraph paper no longer than one page to answer one question below.  The first paragraph should be an introduction.  The second paragraph should give facts and information about your question, such as pros and cons.  The third paragraph should give your opinion based on your research.  You should list your sources below. 

    ____ 1.   Is the weathering of rocks helpful to life on earth?  If so, how?

    ____ 2.  What are the causes of desertification in Africa?  Is this good or bad for the people that live there?

    ____ 3.  Are glaciers around the world changing size?  If so, why?

    ____ 4. Is it a good idea to store nuclear wastes at Yucca Mountain (part of an eroded plateau) in Nevada?   How safe do you think we would be from being exposed to radiation 100 years after burial? 

Source #1-  Title:



Date of article:


Source #2-  Title:



Date of article:


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