Quarter Four/Week Two April 3-7

Layered Curriculum: Their Eyes Were Watching God: Zora Neale Hurston 
M. Aldrich
Florence High School
Florence, AZ



Section I "C" Layer 70-79 points

* Required – Read chapter 6-9 in the novel 

__________Vocabulary – Define and be able to spell five of this weeks vocabulary words: (dolefully, distended, indignantly, dilemma, fractious, jostled, coquetry, proffered, figuratively, decorum, beseech, eulogy, discomfiture, fractious, ostentatiously, alliances, insinuate, promontories, pullet, menial ) (10 pts) 

__________ Summary - Complete a chapter summary sheet for chapters 6-9 (20 pts) 

__________Questions – Answer any of this weeks discussion questions. (5 pts ea.)

      * See rubric for acceptable response format

__________ Write – You are Janie. Write Logan a note and leave it under his plate of hoecakes before you leave for good. (10 pts) * See rubric for acceptable response format 

__________ Similes – Replace the simile on pg. 54 with five of your own: (5 pts)

      Matt was wringing and twisting like: a) ____________________________________

                                     b) ____________________________________

                                     c) ____________________________________

                                     d) ____________________________________

                                     e) ____________________________________ 

Section II "B" Layer 10 points * See rubric for acceptable response format for any of the following 

__________ Write – You are Janie. Write a letter to Dear Abby about your husband, who is constantly putting you down. Have a partner draft a response. 

__________ Vocabulary #1– Complete vocabulary worksheet #1. 

__________ Poetry – Complete the diamante poetry worksheet. 

__________ Talk Show – Host a "talk show" with a partner. (Think Oprah or Dr. Phil) One person will act as the host, the other will play the part of Janie. 

__________ Story – Create a story using at least nine of this weeks vocabulary words. 

Section III "A" Layer 11 points * See rubric for acceptable response format for any of the following 

__________ Comic Strip – Create a comic strip that includes one major scene from the story so far and at least two characters. 

__________ Collage – Create a collage of images that represent Janie. 

__________ Article – Write a newspaper article. *See newspaper article handout 

__________ Drama – Create a one-person show about one character from the novel. *See planning a performance handout 

__________ Art – Create a setting pop-up. *See pop-up directions handout 

Discussion Questions – Week Two 

1. How does Janie feel about the stories people tell on the porch? How are they like "crayon enlargements of life"? (pg 48) 

2. Why does Matt become a target for the storytellers? How does he feel about the jokes? Why has he forbidden Janie to tell any stories about the mule? 

3. Do you think Janie would mind working in the store if she had great mental math skills? Why does Jody insist that she do that work-and keep her hair covered? 

4.  Why doesn't Janie laugh at the mule-baiting? What does that show about her? Why does Jody buy the mule?

What does that show you about him? Why does Janie compare Jody to Abraham Lincoln? What does that show you about how she feels about him at that moment?  

5. Are you surprised that Janie wants to go to the dragging-out after the mule dies? Would you want to go? What do you see and hear as you imagine it? Why doesn't Jody want Janie there?


6. Why does Lige always ask Sam for information? Have you ever seen-or taken part in-this sort of "contest in hyperbole"? Can you think of some questions-other than the caution-nature issue-that these two might like to discuss? 

7.  Do some of the people really believe in the monster at Hall's filling station? 

8.  How do Dave and Jim use their power with the words to impress Daisy? Do you think she is more impressed   with one than the other?

9. Why does Janie stop arguing with Jody? What would happen if she stood up to him whenever he put her down? 

10. How does Janie feel the day Jody slaps her for burning the dinner? Does she deserve it? How do the other men think Tony should treat his wife? How does Janie tell off the men? Do you think she would have joined in the conversation about wife-beating if her own husband hadn't slapped her earlier? 

Writing a Newspaper Article 

Directions: Select three important events from your novel that involve action, adventure, or a turning point. Write the chapter and page number for reference later. 




Select the best event from those listed above and write a news story that would make the front page of the newspaper if the event were true. All news stories must include the five W's: who, what, where, when, and why, plus how. 

Incident from novel and page number for story: 

WHO ____________________________________ WHAT ______________________________________ 

WHEN ___________________________________ WHERE _____________________________________ 

WHY ____________________________________ HOW _______________________________________ 

Think of a catchy headline to use as a title for the news story. 


Write the newspaper article exactly as it might appear on the front page using all of the information you gathered above. Make sure you write it exactly as it would appear in an actual newspaper. Look at actual newspaper articles for inspiration. Supply a picture, photo, or illustration to be included in the story. 

Planning a Performance 

Directions: To get ready for your one-person performance, think about one of the characters from your novel. Plan your performance by filling out this sheet. This sheet MUST be completed and turned in for final approval BEFORE your performance.  

Book title __________________________________ Author _____________________________________ 

Character's name _______________________________________________________________________  

1. What will I need to wear in order to show my audience when and where my character lived? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



2. How will I need to speak in order to show my character's age? What kind of accent or special words will I need to use? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



3. What kinds of props will I need? (props include tables and chairs as well as things actors use like books and reading glasses)




4. As I pretend to be this character, what will I tell the audience about who my character is, where he or she came from, what he or she thinks and feels, and what has happened in his or her life? Consider whether you will be using direct or indirect characterization or a combination of both.




Teacher Approval________________________________________Date of performance__________________

Pop-Up Directions 

Materials Needed


Directions – visit http://www.robertsabuda.com/popmake/popmake_layer-step1.asp for pictured, detailed instructions.

1. Create a quick sketch of the setting you wish to recreate and use it to help plan your pop-up.

2. Determine what materials you will need to use to recreate your setting.

3. To make the pop-up


Pop-up Rubric 

A - 10 points – The three quotations clearly describe the major setting in the story

B - 8 points – The three quotations relate to the setting but miss one important point

C - 7 points – Quotations somewhat relate to the setting but are not key passages, or one quotation is missing

D - 6 points – Quotations do not relate to the novel's major setting, or quotations are missing or incomplete 

A – 10 points – The pop-up definitely represents the setting described in the quotations

B – 8 points – The pop-up includes most of the information contained in the quotations

C – 7 points – The pop-up includes some of the information contained in the quotations

D – 6 points – The pop-up does not resemble the story's setting 

A – 10 points – The time and place are clearly identified

B – 8 points – Time and place are identified but could be more specific

C – 7 points – Only time or place is identified

D – 6 points – Neither time or place is identified 

A – 10 points – The pop-up is effectively planned, and is creative and colorful

B – 8 points – The pop-up is organized and is somewhat creative and colorful

C – 7 points – The pop-up needs more organization, creativity, and color

D – The pop-up looks as if it were thrown together at the last minute 

Diamente Poetry Worksheet


A diamente is a “diamond-shaped” poem. Think about Janie’s character and use the following framework to create an appropriate poem. Your final draft should be professionally presented and will be graded according to your knowledge of the character and your final presentation. 

One noun to describe Janie at the beginning of the novel –

Two adjectives that describe Janie –

Three verbs (ending in ing) that you associate with Janie –

Four nouns that you associate with Janie –

Three verbs (ending in ing) showing a change in Janie –

Two adjectives that describe Janie now –

One word that is opposite of the word you used in line one – 

Here is an example of a diamente that shows how summer turns into winter. 


golden, fragrant

building, blooming, bursting

warmth, flowers, youth, color

fading, chilling, shrinking

pale, dead


Here is another example. Can you guess which famous civil rights leader this might be about? 


righteous, peaceful 

acting, loving, protecting

perseverance, calm, resolute, activist 

speaking, convincing, changing

strong, passive   


Your turn: 

Vocabulary Worksheet #1


Circle the word or phrase in each group that does not belong with the others and briefly explain why. 

1. transients  migrants  drifters  brutes 

2. jook  spittoon  jukebox  dance 

3. pallet  sticking plaster laceration  bandage 

4. flivvers  bunions  ingrown toenails feet 

5. drunkard  wastrel  rounder  deity 

6. scimitars  dug-outs  rapiers  cutlasses 

7. emanation  pretense  camouflage  ruse 

8. crow  bray  gloat  boast 

9. suppressed  stealthy  preempted  sub rosa 

10. metamorphosis  change  transfiguration  phosphorescence 

Fill in the blanks with a synonym for each word that starts with the given letter. 

11. massive  

12. homage  

13. defilement  

14. cherubim  

15. turbulent 

16. fracas 

17. fetid 

18. fanatical 

19. smite 

20. dishevelment