Alma Strelnikova
Layered Curriculum

Science Food Chain and Effects on Ecosystem: LC Guided Practice Unit

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TSWBAT explain the flow of energy in a food chain by creating an energy pyramid with 5 different consumer levels.

TSW trace the flow of energy from the sun as it is transferred along the food chain through the producers to the consumers.


TEKS: 3.Science.9.B Idenftify & describe the flow of energy in a food chain and predict how changes in a food chain affect the ecosystem such as removal of frogs from a pond or bees from a field.


Section I: C Layer         65 points

  1. Listen to the lecture and take notes each day.    (5pts/day) 1 2 3 4 5
  2. Vocabulary Flashcards       10 pts
  3. Work 2 worksheets        10 pts
  4. Read 2 library books:        10 pts
    1. One on food chains,
    2. How the food chain affects the ecosystem.
  5. Create an Energy Pyramid:      (You choose 10pts/My choice 15pts)

Draw a pyramid of energy showing the 5 organisms in the correct order. Label the percentage of energy each organism gets through the food chain.

  1. Create a Mini-book:         15 pts

Explaining how changes in a food chain affect the ecosystem, such as removing frogs from a pond or bees from a field.

  1. Watch the food chain video and write a summary.    10 pts
  2. Food Chain Diorama:        10 pts

Student will work with a partner to research and create a diorama of what would happen to the ecosystem if spiders where removed an ecosystem.

  1. Create a food chain with 5 organisms (1 organism must include humans) 10pts


Section II: B Layer   Choose Only 1    15 pts

  1. Video: In a group of 3, create a music video, news report, or skit describing how the removals of bees will impact our individual and/or community health.
  2. With a partner use Go-Animate ( to create a short skit explaining the Flow of energy. You must include food chain, producers, primary and secondary consumers, decomposers and the 10 percent rule of energy.
  3. Find an online article on how a change in the food chain has affect the 

ecosystem. (ex: extinction of an animal) Give an oral presentation


Section III: A Layer  Choose Only 1 300 Word Minimum  20 pts

  1. Write a letter convincing the City Council not to remove frogs from the pond city park.
  2. Find an extinct animal and describe how their extinction affected its ecosystem.



60-69= D  70-79=C 80-89=B 90+ = A


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