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Due Date_________      The Crucible unit sheet 

C Layer (50 points possible). You will be verbally assessed for each activity in this layer that you choose to complete. Complete at least one activity from each of the C level areas below. You must complete this layer before moving on to the next.  

                                                Possible     Points    Date/

                                                points        earned    initials 


  1. Choose 15 words from the play that you do  15 _________ ________
  1. Create a crossword using 15 words from the play.  15 _________ ________
  1. Create a song that correctly incorporates a  15 _________ ________
  1. Listen to the lecture and fill in the notes.    15 _________ ________

   Be sure to use transitional words and phrases.  

  1. Create a poster incorporating 7 literary elements 20 _________ ________
  1. Create a song about The Crucible incorporating 20 _________ ________

B Layer (30 points possible). Choose one of the activities below. Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, writing , discussion, reading and doing. You will be assessed using the rubric particular to your choice. 

                                          Possible     Points   

                                          points        earned 

  1. Create a comic strip for one of the acts  30 _________   
  1. Create a board game that focuses on   30 _________

   Crucible. Include clear directions for how to

   play, as well as everything needed to do so. 

  1. Write a two-page scene based on a section  30 _________

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned

  1. Is witchcraft real?     20 _________ ________

   2.  Why did people tolerate atrocities     20 _________ ________

   committed during the Salem Witch Trails?

   3. Why and how does hysteria develop?     20 _________ ________