Amy Leskow
Olean, NY


Due Date_________           Fractions (grade 3)

Day 1 (all students participate)


   C Layer: 10 points per day (50 total)

Day 2 (identifying fractions)   Pick one (10 points)


Day 3 (identifying equal parts)   Pick one (10 points)


Day 4 (ordering fractions)   Pick one (10 points)


Day 5 (adding fractions)   Pick one (10 points)


Day 6 (subtracting fractions)   Pick one (10 points)


Day 7, 8, 9 and 10: (B layer) 40 points 

      Directions: Pick one activity to complete. Look at the rubric that matches the activity you pick. You may work with a friend.  

  1. Bring in your favorite cookie recipe. Make two new recipe cards: double it so that it feeds twice the people, and cut it in half so that it feeds half the people.
  1. Create a game that teaches about fractions and how to add and subtract them. Be sure to include directions and everything needed to play.  Have two friends play.
  1. Pretend you’re the teacher and make a test that teaches everything you’ve learned about fractions. Be sure to include an answer key. Have a friend take it.

Day 11: (A layer) 10 points  

      Directions: Pick one question to answer.  Make a neat paragraph with examples that support what you say.  

  1. If you had to share your favorite food with a friend, what fraction would each of you get? What if it was an enemy? Explain your reasons.
  1. If all fractions were going to disappear except one, which one would you keep? Why?
  1. Are fractions important for money?  Tell why.