Amy Leskow

Name____________________________________________ period___________

Due Date_________      Julius Caesar unit sheet 

C Layer (50 points possible). Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, discussing,, reading and doing. You will be verbally assessed for each activity in this layer that you choose to complete. You must complete this layer before moving on to the next.  

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned 

  1. Choose 20 words from the play that you do  20 _________ ________
  1. Summarize one of the scenes using transitions  10 _________ ________
  1. Create a 20 question multiple choice test with  20 _________ ________
  1. Listen to and take notes on the lecture using  10 _________ ________ 
  1. Complete the outline study guide for the play. 20 _________ ________
  1. Create a mobile based on one of the characters  10 _________ ________

   in the play. You may include things like a picture of

   that character, quotes,  and items that describe that

   character’s thoughts and actions.  

  1. Complete a Cause and Effect Organizer. On a 10 _________ ________
  1. Make a portrait of a main character that remains  10 _________ ________

      of the text on pages 115-117.

B Layer (30 points possible). Choose one of the activities below. Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, writing , discussion, reading and doing. You will be assessed using the rubric particular to your choice. 

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned 

  1. Act out two page section in Elizabethan 30 _________ ________

     English or one translated into modern English.

   Rehearse and be ready to perform for the class.

   Use props/ costumes. Memorize your lines. 

  1. Create a two page modern translation  30 _________ ________
  1. Create a children’s book that tells  30 _________ ________

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned

   1.    What makes a good leader?    20 _________ ________

   2.   Is it okay to sacrifice the rights of an       20 _________ ________

   individual for the good of many?

   3.    What would the perfect government   20 _________ ________