Kalani’s Song

Angela Kanerva MA
Pinckney Community Schools

Literacy Unit for Grade 4

Book Author: Nicole Marie Droz 

Total Points to earn: 100     Due Date: _____________________

C Layer

____ 1. Define the following vocabulary words on index cards, study them with a buddy and get quizzed by the teacher: admire, conch, enormous, grief, harsh, sapphire, trench, tidal wave, island, tsunami, canoe, proportion. (10 points)

____ 2. Elements of Tall Tales lecture and web. (5 points)

____ 3. Read the story of John Henry with a buddy and answer question sheet. (10 points)

____ 4. Read the story of Paul Bunyan with a buddy and answer question sheet. (10 points)

____ 5. List the 5 W’s for the story in complete sentences with detail. (10 points)

____ 6. Kalani’s Words Vocabulary Crossword packet. (10 points)

____ 7. Tall Tale Heroes Illustrations of Johnny Appleseed, Slue Foot Sue, Davey Crockett and Paul Bunyan. (10 points)

____ 8. Creating Big Effects Worksheet (5 points)

____ 9. Word Analysis Worksheet (5 points)

____ 10. Hyperboles in tall tales worksheet (5 points)

____ 11. Find context clues in the story for these words: sapphire, admire, enormous, grief, harsh.  Write the sentence they are found in, the clue word(s) and the definition for the word.

(10 points) 

B Layer

____ 1. Create a travel brochure by hand or in the computer lab featuring 5 different story elements.  You can chose any place in the United States.  Include map(s), key(s) and a compass rose. Include what landmarks were created by a tall tale character. (15 points)

____ 2. Perform a Reader’s Theater play of a Tall Tale with your peers.  Each person must have either a prop or costume that makes a connection to the story. Perform for another class. (15 points).

____ 3. Create a 3-D model of the story with movable characters to act out the story. (15 points)

____ 4. Create storyboards comparing 4 different tall tales.  Display them on a bulletin board in the hall. (15 points) 

A Layer

____ 1. Is it right for people to be banned from one place just because they are different?  Include events from history and why this question caused wars since the birth of our country. (25 points)

____ 2. Should people expect help from others that they have hurt in the past? Complete after we meet with the Student and family Specialist as a group, we’ll talk about friendships and why we need others in life. (20 points)