Ruthie’s Journal

Angela Kanerva MA
Pinckney Community Schools

Literacy Unit for Grade 9

Book Author: Barbara Allen 

C Layer

____ 1. Vocabulary Flashcard words: On index cards chose 20 of the 32 vocabulary terms to write out      the definitions and memorize.  Practice with a peer. Teacher will quiz verbally. 10 points

____ 2. Vocabulary Flashcard words: On index cards chose 20 of the 32 vocabulary terms to illustrate or find postcard size pictures of.  Be prepared to explain illustrations or pictures. (You must chose at least 10 different vocabulary terms if you have chosen assignment #1). 10 points

____ 3. List and briefly describe the following nouns: The Tomb of the Unknown, The Spirit of St. Louis, The Hope Diamond, The Changing of the Guard and Hobbamock’s Homesite . 5 points

____ 4.  Describe the setting, the main characters and the plot of the story. 5 points

____ 5. Write a journal entry for a chapter of the book. 5 points each chapter.

____ 6. Activity Sheet: Roadside Stop. 5 points

____ 7. List 10 examples that demonstrate what personal responsibility is. 5 points

____ 8. Read Kids with Courage:True stories about young people making a difference by Barbara A. Lewis. 15 points

____ 9. Watch the movie Holes by Louis Sachar.  Create a Venn Diagram comparing the two stories. 10 points

____ 10. Illustrate each line of the United States of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. 10 points 

B Layer

____ 1. Visit a rural and urban community and take pictures or video.  Prepare a presentation on the similarities and differences in travel, economics and the human-environment interaction in both settings. 15 points

____ 2. Plan or take a trip to a major city.  Include mode of transportation, historical and current places of interest you can visit, and the arts and culture the city has to offer.  Promote the city, convincing the students in our class to want to travel there. 15 points

____ 3. Assemble a meaningful picture collage of Washington D.C. and the many historical elements in that city.  Include historical sites photos, maps of the city and pictures of significant moments in history like Martin Luther King’s famous speech unique to Washington D.C. 15 points

____ 4. Journal Entry: Explain the meaning of the four following words as they relate to the story and your life: friendship, responsibility, gratitude and perseverance. 15 points 

A Layer

_____ 1. Should the United States government set restrictions on foreign travel to countries like Mexico and Cuba?  20 points

_____ 2.  Should the Department of Homeland Security make laws to implant tracking devices in children? 20 points