The Black Stallion

Angela Kanerva MA
Pinckney Community Schools

Literacy Unit for Grade 5

Author: Walter Farley 

C Layer

____ 1. Vocabulary Flashcard words: On index cards chose ten of the 26 vocabulary terms to write out the definitions and memorize.  Practice with a peer. Teacher will quiz verbally. 10 points; one point per word. 

____ 2. Vocabulary Flashcard words: On index cards chose ten of the 26 vocabulary terms to illustrate.  Be prepared to explain illustrations. (You must chose 10 different vocabulary terms if you have chosen assignment #1). 10 points; one point per word. 

____ 3. List the 10 main events in the story. 5 points 

____ 4.  Describe the setting, the main characters and the plot of the story. 5 points 

____ 5. Describe the Black Stallion storyline using the following words: island, berries, Drake, The Black Stallion, carragheen, the spring and driftwood. 10 points 

____ 6. Activity Sheet: The Journey’s End. 5 points 

____ 7. Activity Sheet: Steer Right. 5 points 

____ 8. Activity Sheet: Get it in Gear. 5 points 

____ 9. Activity Sheet: Picture the Scenery: Adjectives 5 points 

____ 10. Activity Sheet: Location Exploration: Table of Contents 5 points 

B Layer

____ 1. Visit a horse stable and take pictures or video.  Prepare a presentation on horses, including veterinary care, their physical bodies, work-ability and the costs of caring and maintaining horses. 15 points 

____ 2. Write and illustrate a children’s book for a local elementary school of the Black Stallion. 15 points 

____ 3. Paint a mural that portrays at least 5 story elements. 15 points 

____ 4. Create a Venn Diagram comparing yourself to Alec. 10 points 

A Layer

_____ 1. Are the discipline/training methods used to train Kentucky Derby horses ethical? What are they and have they changed over time? 20 points

_____ 2.  Should the cloning of horses be allowed?  See the Horse Genome Project for details. 20 points