Native American Migrations and Adaptation - 5th grade
Bill Martin
Challenger Elementary
Howell, MI


70 points or up-A

50+ points-B

30+ points-C  

C Layer- Choose 6 (Bold choices are required)

1.  Make vocabulary flash cards or write a list of definitions. (10 points) 

2.  Make a crossword using bold vocabulary words from unit two.  They must have clear and correct definitions.(10 points)

3.  Write a detailed paragraph using all boldface words from Unit 2(Pages 20-27) (10 points)

4.  Complete Journal pages 8 and 9.(10 points 5 points neat+5 points detailed)

5.  Read a section and be able to recall 3-4 main points to summarize it verbally.(10 points)

6.  Make an illustration or poster of the environments or some other concept of the lesson of your choice.  See Rubric posted on wall

7.  Write a summary of sections 2.3, 2.4, or 2.5.  See rubric on wall.

8.  Make a List of the most important points of any lesson in Unit 2.  See List Rubric.

9.  Take Unit 2 Test.  A=10pts, B=7pts, C=5pts


1.  1 pts- Listen to a read aloud section quietly (1 pt) and keep a daily record of this.  6 pts max

2.  Be able to explain the main idea of the read aloud afterward or during a conference (3pts) 18 max pts.

3.  Take online study guide and provide some evidence of your results. 4 points  


B Layer-Choose 1

1.  Write an interview with an Inuit from the picture on page 26 in your book.  Have them discuss four or more adaptations that they have made to their environment. 10 points.  


2.  Make an illustration comparing the life of an Inuit 10 year old to your life.  Use works and labels to show similarities and differences. 10 points.  


C Layer- Choose 1

3. Do the processing assignment in your journal p.10 (10 points)  



Crossword Rubric

Neat, Name, Unit Title, and a Unique Title of your own (2pts)

Readable clues that are correct (2pts)

All bold words from the unit are used (2pts)

Rulers are used to make straight lines where needed (2pts)

Have a friend solve it (2pts) 
Flash Card Rubric 
All words are neatly printed on one side of the card-3pts 
the complete definition is on the back-3pts 
Use index cards or neatly cut out construction paper-2pts 
Student knows the definitions of randomly selected words by other student, parent, or teacher-2pts 
Definition List 
All words are neatly printed and numbered-3pts 
The complete definition listed after the word, and is separated by a dash- or equals sign=  -3pts 
Use lined paper-2pts 
Student knows the definitions of randomly selected words by other student, parent, or teacher-2pts 
Paragraph Word Activity 
Indents, Punctuation, Complete sentences, Neat-2pts 
All bold words used with detail or meaning-4pts 
Transition Words used-2pts 
Voice and word choice make the writing interesting to read-2pts 
Verbal Summary 
Know the main idea-4pts 
Know 3-4 clear details-4pts 
Makes connections or uses other forms of higher level thinking-2pts 
A Unique title and informational labels in your own words-2pts 
Full color drawings that fill the page-3pts 
Full color or shading, only artistic white space allowed-2pts 
4 or more details from the story part, lesson, or section-3pts 

Written as a neat paragraph-2

Punctuation, indents-2

Shows voice and word choice that is interesting-2

Uses transistion words-

Name, Title, Unit Labeled-2  


Interview Rubric

written like a play, or with separate paragraphs for dialogue 3 pts

Shows four or more details that are requested 2 pts

Neat 2pts

Voice and word choice make the piece interesting to read 2pts  



Full page detailed drawing-2

4 or more details that go with the story or concept-3

Labels are very detailed, or the drawing is so detailed that labels are not needed to understand-2

Full color or shading, only artistic white space is used-2