Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment
By James Patterson 

Mrs. Bobbie Lou Barber
Contemporary Literature
Nevada High School
Nevada, MO

Layered Curriculum Guide  

 Required Activity (20 points):  Read the book and take part in class discussions. I have broken the reading into ten parts.  The timeline for completion is:

For each of the six parts of the book do one of the following activities.  You may choose different activities for each part. (5 points each) Required.

1. Unfortunately for Max and her Flock, the scientists experimenting with genomics use their knowledge to harm rather than aid society. Genomic research can be used for useful purposes: developing new energy sources, insect-and drought-resistant crops, and hardier livestock. With a partner, select one of the above fields to research. Each pair should make a brochure explaining the field of genomic research, detailing both its positive and negative impact. The brochures should be presented to the class and displayed in the classroom.  (20 points)

2.  In a panel discussion, discuss the following topics: (20 points) 

In Chapter 10—We discover that some scientists try to enhance Iggy's night vision and it causes him to be blind.  Students can discuss medical enhancements and the ethics of it.    

1.  Would you ever alter your body through surgery?  Explain.  What do you think about people who do this?  (Liposuction, lap band/gastro procedure, breast enhancements, etc.).  

2.  What do you think about the doctors who perform these surgeries (esp. the ones that are cosmetic in nature)? 

In Chapter 21—Three older boys are bullying a younger female.  

3.  Discuss a time when you observed bullying.  Why do you think the strong pick on the weak?  What is the motivation/purpose?