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UNIT 2--La historia y las tradiciones de España UNIT SHEET

Spanish 5

Brian D. Caughie
Central Bucks High School-West


C LEVEL—Basic Learning & Skills

_____PART 1 (52 maximum points)________

          A=47 Points; B=42 Points; C=37 Points; D=32 Points        

          Target completion date: 10/6/10 (end of class)______________________________________________


_____ Direct instruction—Lotería.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—Vocabulario 2-1 Power Point practice. (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—La historia y tradiciones de España notes.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—El matador: film & video guide. (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—Blood Brothers and various other taurino clips. (required)  (3 pts.)_________


_____ Direct instruction—pretérito vs. imperfecto notes. (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—pretérito vs. imperfecto verb formation game.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—Shopper Trampled at Walmart activity.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—La momia Capítulo 1 graphic organizer.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Answer comprehension questions: La momia: Chapters 1-4 (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Dibujo de la corrida de toros worksheet.  (5 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Scavenger Hunt—Corrida de toros worksheet/webquest.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete & translate En Marcha pg. 32.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete & translate En Marcha pgs. 70—71: A.  (5 pts.)_________

_____ Complete & translate En Marcha pgs. 72—73: D, F.  (5 pts.)_________

_____ Complete & translate En Marcha pg. 76.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete & translate En Marcha pg. 78—79: A.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Como era middle school worksheet.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Superheroes worksheet.  (5 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Elián González worksheet.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete La pelea worksheet.  (3 pts.)_________


B LEVEL—Application

_____PART 1 (20 maximum points)________

A=18 Points; B=16 Points; C=14 Points; D=12 Points

            DUE date: 10/7/10 (beginning of class)________________________________________

_____ Think of a US custom that might sound unusual to a Spaniard.  Create a 10-slide Power Point

             explaining it in Spanish.  Each slide must include a graphic and a complete sentence in Spanish.  Email

             your slide show to

_____ Write a 15-line movie review of the film El matador.  It must be a critique of the film, not a

              re-telling of it.  (20 pts.)________

















C LEVEL—Basic Learning & Skills

_____PART 2  (47 maximum points)________

          A=43 Points; B=38 Points; C=33 Points; D=28 Points

          Target completion date: 10/15/10 (end of class)_____________________________________________

_____ Direct instruction—Memoria  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—Vocabulario 1-2 Power Point practice. (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Choose 8 vocabulary words from Vocabulario 2-2 and write original definitions in Spanish.  (required)                                                                                                  

             (3 pts.)_________

_____ Direct instruction—El laberinto de fauna: presentation, film, video guide.  (required)  (3 pts.)

_____ Partner work--Complete El nuevo traje del emperador worksheet.  (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Answer comprehension questions: La momia: Chapters 5-8 (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Complete La momia logographic cue for Chapters 1-8 (required)  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Review Una línea cronología de España Power Point on my website.  Read the Power Point and then

             Choose 10 events from it to translate.  (10 pts.)

_____ Complete San Fermín worksheet.  (3 pts.)_________

_____ Think about a tradition mentioned in the notes.  Write a 10-sentence note to a friend urging him/her to

             attend it with you.  (5 pts.)

_____ Complete Superhombre worksheet.  (5 pts.)_________

_____ Complete Nunca me lo dijiste worksheet.  (10 pts.)_________

_____ Complete La momia Capítulos 1-8 graphic organizer worksheet.  (5 pts.)_________


B LEVEL—Application

PARTE 2  (choose 1 for 20 points)________

A=18 Points; B=16 Points; C=14 Points; D=12 Points

            DUE date: 10/15/10 (beginning of class): _________________________________________________

_____ View the following video clip related to languages spoken in Spain:   

      Write a 20-line summary (in English) of what

              you learned.

_____ Choose a character from La momia.  Imagine what he/she was like as a child.  Draw a picture and write

              a 10-sentence description of his/her childhood in Spanish.


A LEVEL—Analysis

(choose 1 for 40 points)________

A=36 Points; B=32 Points; C=28 Points; D=24 Points

DUE date: 10/18/10 (beginning of class)________________________________________________________

_____ LITERATURE LINK—Learn about the American novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest

Hemingway.  Create a 18-slide Power Point presentation about the importance of this novel to Spanish culture.  Each slide must include a graphic and at least one sentence.  In addition, you must choose one quote from the novel, copy it into your Power Point and write your own translation of it in Spanish.  Email your presentation to .

_____ SOCIAL STUDIES LINK—Investigate the conditions for tourists in Pamplona during Los Sanfermines.  Create a pamphlet with tips for visitors to the festival and participants in the encierro de toros.  Be creative and include visuals.  Your pamplet must include at least 18 sentences.






Spanish 5

Brian D. Caughie

Central Bucks HS-West

Doylestown, PA