World War I – A New Kind of War 

Byron Hastings

Florence High School

Florence, Arizona 

Objective:  Trace the causes, effects and events of WWI, including:


Level C  (Choose activities up to 70 points) 

____ Copy notes and complete study guide (5 pts.)

____ Create a timeline of events leading up to and during WWI (10 pts.)

____ Add pictures/drawings of the events to the timeline (10 pts.)

____ Complete a map showing Allied, Central, and Neutral Powers (5 pts.)

____ Create a list and description of new weapons used during WWI (5 pts.)

____ Read Ch. 23 and complete “Using Key Terms” and “Reviewing Key Facts”

 at the end of the chapter (10 pts.)

____ Create a series of 3 journal entries describing trench warfare (10 pts.)

____ Make a chart or graph showing each country’s loss of life during the war (10 pts.)

____ Create a propaganda poster for either side, Allied or Central Powers (10 pts.)

____ Draw a diagram depicting the Western Front, Battle of the Marne, Verdun, etc.

      (5 pts.)

____ Identify and describe the following personalities of WWI: Otto von Bismarck,

      Woodrow Wilson, Tsar Nicholas II, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Gravilo Princip,

____ Outline Ch 23, noting key events and people of WWI (5 pts.)

____ Prepare a 5 minute presentation regarding one key figure from WWI (5 pts.) 

Level B (Choose one activity for 15 points) 

____ Research the various innovations in warfare implemented during WWI.  Write a 2

      page report in which you discuss these innovations and the consequences of their

      use. (15 pts.) 

____ Prepare a lecture in which you explain the rise of European nationalism and how it

      contributed to the conflict. (15 pts.) 

____ Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the Russian Revolution.  Include

      the following: a timeline which chronicles the events leading up to the revolution,

      an overview of important personalities associated with the revolution, and a

      discussion of how the revolution affected the outcome of WWI. (15 pts.) 

____ Create a diorama that displays one of the following: the Western Front, weapons of

      WWI, the Russian Revolution, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

      (15 pts.) 

Level A (Choose one activity for 15 points) 

____ Create a WWI portfolio that explains the following via visual and print media:

      various causes of the war, major battles, aspects of U.S. involvement, and

      the end of the war, including the Treaty of Versailles and Wilson’s 14 points.

      (15 pts.) 

____ With a partner, develop a two-sided debate over one of the following topics: