Mapping the Stars

Carrie Latesky
Birch Run, MI

Mapping the Stars 


constellation light-year 

zenith   declination

altitude  right ascension

horizon  ecliptic 

Text:  Holt Astronomy    This unit is very structured (see calendar).     

Layer C-all layer C assignments are required.

  1. Teacher led instruction and notes
  2. Homework questions pg. 20
  3. Directed reading
  4. Jerry Springer of the skies
  5. Quiz 1
  6. Quiz 2
  7. Quiz 3
  8. Vocabulary chart or crossword
  9. Stars & Constellations video with questions
  10.   Study Guide

Layer B

  1.   Constellation Creation –required by all
  2.   Solar Motion Demonstration Lab-entire class
  3.   Star Bingo-student choice of assignments

Layer A

  1.   R.A.F.T.
  2.   Test
    Role Audience Format Topic
    Camper lost in the


    Scout Leader Cell phone conversation I’m lost!  Help me get

    out of here!

    Requirements:  Explain your location using the night sky to someone on a cell phone.  Use essential vocabulary correctly.  Your

    Final draft should convey a conversation between you and another person with at least four messages and replies.

    Rover (Dog looking up

    From his doghouse)

    Diary Series of Journal Entries What’s going on out


    Requirements:  Diary must contain at least four journal entries of at least one paragraph per entry.  Entries should span a six

    month time period.  Correct usage of vocabulary is important.  Explain how the view changes nightly and why these changes

    are happening.  Include questions you might have from these observations.

    Patrick (from Spongebob


    Fans Speech & Song I am not a star!
    Requirements:  Explain how Patrick (a starfish) is different than a star found in the nighttime sky.  Include a diagram.  Song will

    Include vocabulary words.  Supply written version of song lyrics.

Day 1 


Mapping the stars

Pg. 14-20 

Teacher led instruction and notes 

Homework questions

Day 2 

Vocabulary Chart

or crossword

Day 3 

Directed Reading 

Quiz on


Day 4 

Stars & Constellations Video

With Questions 

Star Bingo

Day 5 

Jerry Springer of the skies 

Constellation Creations

Day 6 

Constellation Creations completed 

Day 7 


Technology Workday

Day 8 

Solar Motion Demonstration Lab 

Collect Lab Sheet

Day 9 


R.A.F.T. workday

Day 10 

Star Bingo due 


Study Guide

Day 11 



R.A.F.T. due