Chasing Redbird

by Sharon Creech

Ms. Chan Floyd

The American Community School of Abu Dhabi


1.   Read the book. I will provide the minimum amount of pages that need to be read each day. You may read ahead if you choose. I will be asking questions in class about what was to be read frequently. You will need to be able to answer questions about setting, character, and plot in order to earn full points. (50pts)

2.  Answer the discussion questions attached. Spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation will be counted! I expect you to edit your work. (25pts)

3.  Find Evidence of Sibling Rivalry in the book. Write about your own experience with it. (25pts)

4.  Examine how Zinny convinces her parents to let her camp out alone. Write a persuasive composition outlining why you should be able to camp out on the trail alone in order to clear it. (25pts)

Level 1: Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 100 pts:

1.   Find a website about this story or author. Take notes on at least three things you learned or found interesting. (15pts)

2.  Choose 15 new or interesting words from the story and make word cards with their definitions. Learn their definitions. (20pts)

3.  Illustrate a scene from the book using paint, markers, colored pencils, pen & ink, photographs, collage or charcoal. Write a paragraph describing the scene. (25pts)

4.  Describe a character from the book. Include how the person acts, feels, and what they say. Create an attribute web (see Ms. Floyd) and write paragraph or two about the character. (20pts)

5.  Create a new cover for the book. Include a front, a back, and inside flaps. (20pts)

6.  Find song lyrics from any artist that you feel define one of the characters in the book. Copy the lyrics and in a paragraph describe why you think these lyrics define that particular character. (15pts)

7.  Create a crossword puzzle using 15 clues and words from the story. (15pts)

8.  Create puppets of two major and two minor characters. (15pts)

9.  Act out a scene w/ your puppets. Sign up for a presentation day with Ms. Floyd (10pts)

10.  Draw a map of Zinny’s town, Bybanks, on poster board. Be sure to include a key representing the different buildings in town, a scale, and a compass rose. (20pts)

11. Research the disease of diabetes on the Internet. Write a composition on the symptoms, treatments, and dangers of diabetes. (15pts)

12. Research the life cycle of roses. Write a short paragraph that answers the following questions: When do they bloom? How do they propagate? What kind of care do roses need? What is your favorite kind/color? Illustrate your favorite type of rose and label its parts. (25pts)

Level 2: You must complete level 1 before going to level 2. Choose one assignment for 25pts

1.   What a one-page composition about how this story can help you in your own life.

2.  “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” is a significant song for Aunt Jessie and Uncle Nate. Think of a song that is significant in your life. Play the song or write out the lyrics and explain to the class why this song holds special meaning to you.

3.  Imagine you attended Aunt Jessie’s funeral. Think about the following questions: What would you have said about her? What were her virtues? What were her accomplishments? What would you want people to remember about her? Now write a eulogy that you would have given for Aunt Jessie.

Level 3: You must complete level 2 before going to level 3. Choose one assignment for 25pts.

1.   Create an illustrated alphabet book that captures the characters, plot, and lessons to be learned from Chasing Redbird. Try to use words from the book.

2.  3-D Project: Create and display from the story. Follow the directions given on the 3-D project handout.

3.  Research birth order on the Internet. What is said about first, middle, last, and only children? How many people are in your family? What is your place in the birth order? Do you think birth order affects personality? Find a way to share your findings. This may be in written or oral form.

275 total points possible

250-275 = Level 3

225-249 = Level 2

200-224 = Level 1

You may work on projects during given class time and at home. You should expect to use between 10-20 minutes each night for work at home. Ms. Floyd will check in with you often to monitor your progress.