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The World of Cinderella Stories

1st Grade

Paula King, Massachusetts

Note for teachers: Read different versions of the traditional story from different time periods. Some stories could include: Politically Correct Cinderella, Paper Bag Princess, CinderElmo, Irish Cinder Lad, Ruff Face Girl (Algonquin), Yeh Shin (Chinese) along with others noted, below.

*Required activity

Layer 1: Traditional Cinderella Story & Other Cinderella Stories

*1. Listen to story read by the teacher

*2. Listen to The Korean Cinderella Story about Pear Blossom.

*3. Watch the video: "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters"

4. Draw a picture of something that happened in one of the stories.

5. Look at a picture from one of the stories. Using the picture for help, tell the teacher something that happened in the story.

6. Write five to ten new vocabulary words from one of the stories.

7. Create a sequence of events of the story, from pictures you have drawn.

Layer 2: Project

1. Fill in chart Comparing and Contrasting characters, events, setting, etc.

2. Create your own "Cinderella" story.

3. Make puppets, write dialogue, and do a puppet show for the class.

4. Make a craft from each version.

Layer 3: Writing

1. Why do you think that people around the world have this similar story? And are they different?

2. How you would feel if you were Cinderella?

3. Do you think these kinds of stories really happen in real life?