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Does Conflict Shape Nations? The Middle East

Created by: Cheryl Carpenter []


January 2003


The student is expected to analyze the effects of physical and human geographic patterns and processes on events in the past and describe their effects on present conditions. TEK (WG 1A)

The student is expected to locate settlements and observe patterns in the size and distribution of cities using maps, graphics, and other information. TEK (WG 6A)

The student is expected to explain the processes that have caused cities to grow. TEK (WG 6B)

The student is expected to explain the political, economic, social, and environmental factors that contribute to human migration. TEK (WG 7B)

The student is expected to describe how changes in technology, transportation, and communication affect the location and patterns of economic activities. TEK (WG 11C)

The student is expected to give examples of ways various groups of people view cultures, places, and regions differently. TEK (WG 16B)

C Layer (Choose activities up to 70pts.)

Daily lecture (5pts.)

Time line of events leading up to the creation of Israel (10 pts.)

Create a set of maps showing changes in Israel (10 pts.)

Make flashcards to learn vocabulary words (5pts.)

Read Chapter 23 - sections 1,2 Prentice Hall; World Geography; Building a Global Perspective Answer questions at end of section (5pts.)

Listen to the textbook reading and follow along. Answer the questions orally (5pts.)

Construct a diorama showing changes in the environment in Palestine since 1947. (15pts.)

Make a poster illustrating the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians (10 pts.)

With another person plan a debate about the following topic: "Resolved: The United Nations made the best decision by partitioning Palestine into two separate states." (15pts.)

Make a chart showing the differences between the Arabs and the Jews. Include culture, religion, history, economy, (10 pts.)

Make a chart or poster depicting the major cultural groups in Israel and the roles they have played in the nation's history. (10 pts.)

Answer the following question and support it with evidence. Have Israel and its Arab neighbors taken steps to prevent conflict? (10 pts.)

Describe the environment in the land of Israel and how it has changed since Israel became a nation. (5pts.)

Make a chart or poster showing the role that European powers had in the conflict that now exists in Israel. (10 pts.)

With a group, perform a skit depicting a meeting of the United Nations in 1947 when both the Jews and the Arabs are claiming Palestine as their homeland. Be sure and include the Arab viewpoint, the Jewish viewpoint, and the solutions. (15pts.)

Make a chart showing population of Jews and Arabs in Israel and how it has changed. (10 pts.)

Make a timeline to show major world events that contributed to the change in population in Israel. Correlate this with the population chart. (10 pts.)

Make a chart or graph showing the loss of life since 1948 in Israel. (10 pts.)

What role does water play in the conflict? (written or oral response) (5pts.)

Make a diorama of a kibbutz. (15pts.)

Create a journal of a typical week on a kibbutz. (10 pts.)

Make a diorama of a refuge camp. (15pts.)

Create a journal of a typical week in a refuge camp. (10 pts.)

Make a 3 dimensional map showing the terrain in the land of Palestine. Include major bodies of water, mountain ranges, desserts, etc. (15pts.)

Make a chart showing the similarities and differences in the governments of Israel and Palestine. (10 pts.)

Gather information and make a chart or graph showing viewpoints of different people about the conflict in Israel. (10 pts.)

B layer (Choose 1 for 15 pts.)

You have been chosen to accompany Former President Jimmy Carter on a peace building mission to Israel. What will you talk about on the flight to Israel? Put together a power point outlining your proposal to bring about peace in the Middle East.

You will be taking a group of Jr. High students to Israel on a tour. The purpose of the trip is for the students to get an understanding of why there is so much conflict in Israel. Where will you take them, and what will you tell them about each place?

The principal at the elementary campus in your district has asked you to present a skit showing the history of the conflict in Israel. With a group of other students put together and present this skit. (Alternate assignment - write the skit so that someone else could present it.)

A layer (Choose 1 for 15 pts.)

Find 3 current event articles related to Israel. Summarize each. Make a chart to compare and contrast the information in the articles. Which one is best? Why?

Listen to three different network news broadcasts about a current event in Israel? How are their viewpoints different? Which one do you agree with the most?

Can peace be accomplished in Israel? (3 sources, summarizations and your conclusion)