Introduction to Ancient Civilizations

Dave Wilson
Elgin Ave. P.S.
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

100 points are possible: A = 86+ points ; B = 71-85 points ; C = 56-70 points ; D = 40-55 points.

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(sig. & phone worth 5 points in C layer)

C Layer Maximum 65 points

1 Class Notes: Listen to the class lessons and take notes each day. (1 pts/ day)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 pts

2 Class Outline: Complete the fill in the blank Outline on the class material. 10 pts

3 Text Questions: Complete sentence answers for 3 randomly selected questions about the source text for a civilization. (5 pts * 3) 15 pts

4 Conduct a 4 person debate: In a group of 4, plan a debate about ancient times or their lasting effects. Use 3 sources of information for your point and complete the research sheet. Be prepared to debate on day 6. 10 pts

5 Write a song about an ancient event or group. Include at least 10 new facts in the song. Perform it for 3 classmates or record it on the computer. 10 pts

6 Read & Summarize: Read a book or myth about a civilization and summarize the contents or story. 10 pts

7 Read & Explain/Illustrate: Read a book or myth about a civilization and explain or illustrate the main idea and purpose for the book, myth or story. 10 pts

8 Class Disccusions: Be prepared and contribute to each discussion in class. (2 pts / day)

1 2 3 4 5 10 pts

9 Make 15 Flashcards using key terms from ancient times. Five cards will be randomly chosen for you to earn 2 pts for each card correctly answered. 10 pts

10 Create a Collage for one ancient civilization. Use at least 3 different types of sources for the materials. 5 pts

11 Construct a board game teaching about an ancient civilization/event/or technology. The game must teach all important facts. Have 2 classmates play the game and complete the marketing survey. 10 pts

12 With a partner or on your own, design and display 5 items (per person) to display on a bulletin board, about an ancient civilization. Major facts displayed well get 2 pts. Minor facts or less compelling displays get 1 pt. 10 pts

13 Create a poster about the people in an ancient civilization. You are there, trying to change sometime or introducing a new invention. 10 pts

14 Make a pair of masks. Each mask is from a different civilization but about a common theme (eg. Both rulers, both gods, etc. ). 10 pts each 20 pts

15 Language Display: Illustrate and explain words in an ancient language and current English words that we get from them. Find and use at least 5 words. 10 pts

16 Mobile: Make a mobile showing important aspects of life in an ancient civilization. At least 5 items should be on the mobile and it should be balanced. 10 pts.

17 Diorama: Make a 3D scene from an ancient civilization. A show box is a great container for this entry. 10 pts

19 Use the caricature kit, or draw on your own, to draw a family of an ancient civilization. Name, clothe, describe each member to be representative of that civilization. 10 pts

20 Sculpture: create an artifact representing some important feature of each of two ancient civilizations. 10 pts

B Layer Select 0ne for 15 points

1 Conduct an ancient science experiment or investigate some ancient practice. Document your work as a science experiment with: Purpose, Guess, Materials, Steps, Observations, Conclusions, Applications.

2 Display on a bulletin board what it meant to live in an ancient civilization.

3 Demonstrate or speak on ancient events.

4 Create and perform a puppet show about ancient times.

5 Create and perform a play set in ancient times. Use the classroom plays as source ideas.

6 Create and conduct an interview with a historic figure.

7 Construct a Timeline for an ancient civilization, covering from the discovery or rise of that civilization to its fall.

A Layer Select 0ne for 20 points

Assignment: Examine any of the Challenge Questions and research to find and summarize 3 sources of information about that topic. Then determine and write up your own opinion about the topic.

Each paragraph is worth 5 pts and is marked on sentences, spelling, grammar, support ideas and facts found.

Challenge Questions:

1 How were rivers and oceans important or barriers to early civilizations?

2 Does climate put stress on people, especially when changes happen over many years?

3 Does a structured society, with jobs and rules, encourage better communication and teamwork?

4 Are technologies and ongoing inventions always important to a civilization?

5 Write a letter to the premier discussing what ancient lessons we can use today to make Ontario a better place for all, regardless of their situation.