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100 points are possible: A = 86+  points ; B = 71-85 points ; C = 56-70 points ; D = 40-55 points.

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(sig. & phone worth 5 points in C layer)

Each item has a brief description of what is required, a point value, and a table of criteria to award those point on. Read the instruction cards for each page to get more details about what should be on that page. The criteria are assessed based on the answers and learning demonstrated in an interview. This is an example of criteria for a 10 point item:





Does your information display relevant content and understanding of the civilization selected?



Is there evidence planning and thinking skills were used to use the research for this item?


Visuals & Supports

Is the communication of this item a combination of text, effective illustrations, other cited artwork?



C Layer Maximum 65 points

1 Class Notes: Listen to the class lessons and take notes each day. (1 pts/ day)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10               10 pts

2 Class Discussions: Be prepared and contribute to each discussion in class. (2 pts / day)

1   2   3   4   5                                                                                                                                          20 pts


Do your notes match the content and layout of the presentation?

/1 each


Are all parts of the notes complete, including the fill-in-the-blanks?

/1 each


Did your participation with ideas and feelings help others to participate further?

/2 each

Your Cover Pages: Do one of these for the front cover and one for the back cover.                                        

Flag - Design a one page flag for your country.          10 pts

Map - Draw your version of your country map.       10 pts

Coat of Arms - Design a coat of arms for the head of your country. 10 pts

Collage - Construct a collage about visiting your country.     10 pts


Does your work have an overall message encoded in your selection and placement of the images?


Relevant Images

Are all the images, patterns and colours from or about your country?


Use of Symbols

Are there symbolic images in use and do they follow the class-developed standards?


Your First Page : Page (i) A Table of Contents                                                                                                 5 pts


Does your information display page numbers for your content as you selected?



Is there organization to how the contents are communicated ?


Page 2: Your Language

Write a song or anthem for your country. Include at least 5 new facts in the song. Perform it for 3 classmates or record it on the computer.                                                                   10 pts

Write a poem about places or historical events on your island. Include at least 5 places in the poem. Read it in to the computer to record it.                                                                              10 pts

Language Display: Illustrate and explain special words in your country in your native language and related English words that we use in their place. Find and use at least 5 words.            10 pts

1st Line

Does you first line (or word)  mention the country and express important ideas for your country?


Remaining Lines

Are the remaining lines (or words) about the country (important words), catchy, and expressive?


Chorus & Viewpoint

Does the song or poem have a chorus and a clear point of view?


Page 3 Your Fractured Mythology: Do one of these to present your islandís ancient history.

Read & Summarize: Read a myth from an ancient civilization and summarize the contents or story as if it happened on your island.                                                                                                      10 pts

Read & Explain/Illustrate: Read a myth from an ancient civilization and explain or illustrate the main idea as if it happened on your island.                                                        10 pts

Adapt a myth from an ancient civilization to your country and its history.                                                    10 pts

Create a legend about some people and events in the history of your country.        10 pts

Rate the Story

Develop and apply criteria to scale the story and/or hero/heroine.



How well do you capture the essence of the story and explain your criteria?



How have you adapted the ancient myth to your islandís history?


Page 4: Your Island Map - following the guidelines on the instruction cards. This is part of your A-Layer.


Page 5: Live Drawings/Cartoons: Do one of the following for your Island.

Draw caricatures of 4 famous people in your country.          10 pts

Adapt 4 animals to your country. Illustrate or model them. Name & describe them.           10pts


How important is each item and what impact do they have on your island?

/1 each


How does each item represent the people or animals on your island?

/1 each


How well do the drawings present information about your island?


Page 6: Citizenship: Do one of the following to present how the citizens of your country live.

Draw and describe the citizen rights & responsibilities in your country.                                                         10 pts

Construct a board game teaching about your country/citizenship/or society. The game must teach important facts found elsewhere in your book. Have 2 classmates play the game and complete the marketing survey.    Include an image of the game and rules.                                    10 pts

Mobile: Make a mobile showing important aspects of your government. At least 5 items should be on the mobile and it should be balanced.                                                     10 pts.

15 Draw and describe your government. Include the leadership, the officials and the judges.           10 pts

Important Points

Do you make important points about the values of your citizens?



Is there evidence planning and thinking skills were used to use the research for this item?



Are you able to connect research material, personal experience, world events?


Page 7: Daily Life on your Island: Do one of the following to present some aspect of the way your citizens spend their time.

Design and draw 3 sports or recreation facilities for your country.                                                                  10 pts

Design and draw 3 sets of clothing for different people/events in your country.                                             10 pts

Design and draw or build 3 spectacular buildings found in your country.                                                        10 pts

Accessories & Decorations

Does the fashion, appearance, materials, colours, etc. appear to be from your island?


Names & Descriptions

Do the names and descriptions fit some other aspect from other pages about your island?



How important is each item and what impact do they have on your island?


Page 8: Science and Technology: Do one of the following to present to state of science on you island country.

Illustrate and outline 4 environmental issues and hopeful solutions.                                                                10 pts

Illustrate and outline 4 modes of transportation in your country.     10 pts

Illustrate and outline 4 inventions and what they solve in your country       10 pts

Illustrate and outline 4 energy sources and their power plant workings.       10 pts

Illustrate and outline 4 foods special and unique to your country.    10 pts


Does your science attempt to address important issues in current day Canada?



Is there evidence that these applications of science are possible and interesting approaches?


Visuals & Supports

Is the communication of this item a combination of text, effective illustrations, other cited artwork?


Page 9 Natural Disasters: Do one of the following to show how your island country has recovered from past natural disasters.

Describe the forces resulting from a natural disaster and the effects on the structures in your environment.           10 pts

Model what people on your island do to protect themselves from natural disasters.           10pts

Simulate a natural disaster on your island and how your people survive in style.    10 pts


How complete and accurate is your work about the selected natural phenomena.



What did you find out about how people survive natural disasters?



How did what your found about disasters compare to your science and technology?


Page 10: Create some art based on your country.                                                                                             10 pts


How does the art represent your island country?



What does the art make your think about your island country?



What feelings are brought out by this picture?



B Layer: Select One for 15 points

1. Conduct a science experiment or investigate some aspect of your island. Document your work as a science experiment with: Purpose, Guess, Materials, Steps, Observations, Conclusions, Applications.

2. Create and perform a puppet show or play about your island.

3. Design a poster to promote your country.

4. Create a newscast, 30 sec PSA about your country, TV Sitcom scene (with scripts) set on your island.

5. Create and conduct and interview with a historic or mythical figure on your island.

6. Plan a trade trip to 3 other islands. Include products, currency issues, travel routes, how the travel is done, who on your island does this trade expedition.

7. How has your islandís early exploration, discovery and development influenced its current status?


A Layer Select Two for 20 points

Assignment: Design a country,  build a 3-D model of it, meeting certain requirements and then explain how your country works. Your explanation needs to have a paragraph on any two of these questions, or number 5:


Country Questions:

1. How was your island explored and how did people choose where to build settlements and develop towns and cities in your country?

2. Does your structured society, with jobs and rules, encourage better communication and teamwork?

3. Are technologies and ongoing inventions always important to your country?

4. How are environmental concerns and animal rights handled in your country?

5. Write a Welcome Letter (page 1) to invite people to visit your country.