The 1980's

by Mrs. DeLee Beadle
Springfield Local Schools
Holland, Ohio

This will be a NON-LAYERED UNIT

Activities done in class together over the next six days.  You will all be doing the same activities at the same time. 

                                          Possible  Earned

1. Participate in the 80’s listening activity, record the song title, artist and comment on each selection. 
2. Individual Artist Sheets (5pts. Ea. Limit 2) Use 80’s bios provided or bios in folders. 10  
3. Read the provided article on “The MTV Generation”.  List 15 facts that you learned from the article. 10  
4. Read the article on videos and technology in the 1980’s.  Make a list of 15 facts you learned from the article. 10  
5. Read the article on rap music.  Write a short paragraph summarizing what you learned. 15  
6. (FRI 11/17) Create a timeline for an 80’s artist of your choice.  Include at least 20 facts about their life and career in chronological order.  15  
7. (MON 11/20)  After listening to the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel (and following the lyrics) create a couple verses only with a partner using events of the last 10 years.  Use the same brief rhyming style that Joel used on this song. 20  
8. NOTES …Each day I will read a biography of an artist or a chapter from the history of rock and roll book and you will take notes on the readings.  Just add to the notes each day and turn in your notes with the unit. 10  

Grading Scale 93-100 /A  85-92/B 77-84/C 69-76/D 68/F 

NOTE***We will tye-dye on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break………..