1950's Rock and Roll

by Mrs. DeLee Beadle
Springfield Local Schools
Holland, Ohio 

Section 1- “C” Level Activities 70 points minimum before moving onto “B” level 

Act# Date Pts. INI Activity Description
1C       Complete an Individual Artist Information Sheet on a famous 1950’s  Rock and Roll musician. Use the biographies provided.  (5pts) each (2 maximum)
2C       Read one of the chapters on “Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Rockabilly, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, or Buddy Holly” from The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, make a list of 15 facts that you learned from the chapter (15pts)
    Watch the video “Rock n Roll Forever” with legendary performances from the Ed Sullivan Show.  Take notes on each performance.  (10pts)
4C       Find web sites that discuss The Birth of Rock and Roll.  Fill out a website review sheet on each site you find. Record the sites for later use in the unit. (2 max) (5pts each)
5C       Find the website or homepage for a 1950’s Rock and Roll artist.  Make a list of 15 pieces of information you learned from the website.  Provide the website address.  (10pts)
6C       Find a newspaper or magazine article on the birth of rock and roll music. Write a paragraph summarizing the article.  (10pts)
7C       Complete the provided puzzle worksheet on “Elvis Presley Read the provided article to complete. (10pts)
8C       Make a collage of early rock and roll artists, label the pictures.  You can cut and paste this on the computer.  (15pts)
9C       Make a list of 6 important early rock and roll musicians.  Tell what they played and why each one was important and unique to the history of rock and roll.  (10pts)
10C       Read pages 7-11 in “History of Rock and Roll” by David Shirley.  Write a paragraph summarizing the chapter. (10pts)
11C       Listen to the 1950’s Rock and Roll CD provided. Provide comments on each musical selection and discuss the examples with the teacher. (15pts)
12C       Read the provided article on Life in the Early 1950’s and the Birth of Rock and Roll.  List 15 facts you learned from the article.  (10pts)
13C       Complete an ARTIST COMPARISON ASSIGNMENT on two early Rock and Roll artists.  On the second page, be sure to note the similarities and differences in the two artists, their lives and careers.  Use biographies provided.  (10pts)
14C         Listen to the entire “Elvis #1’s CD”  Give a song by song critique and comment on how his music changed in his later years.. (10pts) 

Section 2- “B” Level Activities Choose 1 

Act# Date Pts INI Activity Description
15B       After reading the provided article on Elvis Presley, create a 30 question quiz on his life and career.  Provide the answer key and blank quiz.  This must be typed.  (15pts)
16B       Interview someone who was alive and remembers the birth of Rock and Roll in the 1950’s. Prepare a list of 10 questions before the interview and take notes on the interview.  (15pts)
17B       Along with a partner, design a poster that depicts life in the 1950’s. This should reflect the music and life of the times.  Include information about relevant photos and events. (15pts)
        Prepare and perform for the class your best “Elvis” or “Little Richard” impersonation.  You should research by watching a concert performance by the artist or a movie .(cite which one you used) You will then lip-sync the words to one of their songs during this performance and perform the entire song for the class. (15pts)
Act# Date Pts  INI  Activity Description-Write one page essays to answer the following…
18A       Along with a partner, script and perform a radio broadcast from the 1950’s.  Include dj’s dialogue and specific song and artist information.  What might the first radio broadcasts of rock and roll music have sounded like?  How might rock and roll have gotten its name?. What was the payola scandal?  (10pts)
19A       Write an essay on how Rock and Roll was revolutionized from the Rhythm and Blues of the 1940’s and the early 1950’s. Do your own research and site your sources. (10pts)
20A       In a small group (4-5), debate who is the true creator of Rock and Roll.  Each side of the debate should have notes that they have researched on their own for the debate. Points will be given only if you provide notes that you used in the debate.  (10pts)

**MY TOTAL POINTS THIS UNIT_________________MY GRADE_________ 

“A”  93-100+  points in sections 1, 2 and 3  

“B”  85-92   points in sections 1 and 2

“C”  77-84   points in section 1 

Maximum Points =100