Jazz Music

Mrs. DeLee Beadle
Springfield Local Schools
Holland, Ohio

Layered Curriculum

Some of our units this semester will be covered using the “layered learning” process.  To get an “A” you will need to complete all three sections, to get a “B” you will need to complete the “B” layer and the “C” layer, and by successfully completing the “C” layer will earn a “C”.  Which activities you complete within that layer, are your choice. Your points will be decided by the teacher when you complete the activity AND give an oral defense of your task.  **All activities are to be marked with the Activity #, Date, and Student Name.  The teacher will then initial your unit sheet and mark the points that you have earned. You are responsible for keeping all your unit activities in a folder for a final evaluation at the conclusion of the unit.    Students are expected to work independently and cooperatively using classroom materials and resources provided.  

Section 1- “C” Level Activities 70 points minimum before moving onto “B” level 

Act# Date Pts. INI Activity Description
1C       Complete an Individual Artist Information Sheet on a famous jazz musician. (5pts) each (limit 2)
2C       Read Chapter 24 in the Music Textbook on “Jazz” and complete the chapter evaluation at the end of the chapter (15pts)
    Watch a video documentary on the life of a jazz musician. Make a list of 15 facts that you learned from the movie. (10pts)
4C       Listen to 6 different pieces of jazz music of your choice.  Name the composer, artist and the era which it was written.  Discuss what you liked or did not like about each piece of music. CD’s can be borrowed from the teacher for use in class.  (10pts)   
5C       Find web sites on jazz history or jazz musicians.  Fill out a website review sheet on each site you find. (5pts) Each (limit 2) 
6C       Make a set of 25 flashcards using jazz terms, artists and styles from chapter 24 IN THE MUSIC TEXTBOOK. Flashcards NOT provided. Know these cards (15pts) 
7C       Watch the video “The Story of Jazz”.  Make a list of 15 facts that you learned from the documentary. (10pts)  
8C       List the different style periods of jazz and define them.  What makes each one unique and different? Use classroom articles and resources provided. (10pts) 
9C       Make a list of 6 important jazz musicians.  Tell what they played and why each one was famous or important to jazz history. (10pts) 
10C       Write a paragraph about a CURRENT jazz musician.  Site their biographical information, musical contributions, musical influences and career highlights. (10pts)
11C       Listen to the jazz cd provided.  Provide comments on each musical selection and discuss the examples with the teacher. We will do this activity as a class at the start of the unit (10pts)
12C       Complete the 3 puzzles provided on Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Use the biographies provided to complete. (10pts)
13C       Make a list of places you have heard jazz music.  Be specific with the names of the shows, movies, commercials, etc. State why or why not the use of jazz music was appropriate for this medium. (10pts)
14C       Listen to class lectures live or on tape and take notes. (5pts)

Section 2- “B” Level Activities Choose 1 Activity ONLY 

Act# Date Pts INI Activity Description
15B       Choose 6 jazz musicians to highlight and create a children’s book to introduce jazz to children.  Include photographs, information about the artists, their music and their careers. Any written information in the project must by either hand written or hand-typed.  (15pts)
16B       Create a “Jazz History” timeline.  Include jazz style periods, dates, influential musicians and events.  The timeline should begin in 1900 and end in present day. Use all classroom resources available.  Be neat and creative. (15pts)
17B       Make a collage of famous jazz musicians. Label the pictures. You will have to gather pictures or print pictures at home and bring them to class to create the collage. (15pts)
Act# Date Pts  INI  Activity Description-Write one page essays to answer the following…
18A       Define “Jazz Music” and discuss why it is jazz considered an “American” art form”? (15pts)
19A       Why aren’t there more famous female jazz musicians? (15pts)
20A       How is the development of jazz closely linked to events in American history as well as social and economic developments of the past century? (15pts)

**MY TOTAL POINTS THIS UNIT_________________MY GRADE_________

Be sure to record your grade on your grade sheet in your folder 

“A”  93-100+  points in sections 1, 2 and 3  

“B”  85-92   points in sections 1 and 2

“C”  77-84   points in section 1 

Maximum Points =100