The Blues

Mrs. DeLee Beadle
Springfield Local Schools
Holland, Ohio

Layered Curriculum

Each of our units this semester will be covered using the “layered learning” process.  To get an “A” you will need to complete all three sections, to get a “B” you will need to complete the “B” layer and the “C” layer, and by successfully completing the “C” layer will earn a “C”.  Which activities you complete within that layer, are your choice. Your points will be decided by the teacher when you complete the activity AND give an oral defense of your task.  **All activities are to be marked with the Activity #, Date, and Student Name.  The teacher will then initial your unit sheet and mark the points that you have earned. You are responsible for keeping all your unit activities in a folder for a final evaluation at the conclusion of the unit.    Students are expected to work independently and cooperatively using classroom materials and resources provided.  

Section 1- “C” Level Activities 70 points minimum before moving onto “B” level 

Act# Date Pts. INI Activity Description
1C       Complete an Individual Artist Information Sheet on a famous blues musician. (5pts) each (3 maximum)
2C       Read the chapter “The Blues Revival” from The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, take notes on highlights of the chapter (15pts)
    Watch the video “Bluesland” on the history of the blues.  Take notes on the movie.  (15pts)
4C       Visit the website  Follow “The Blues Road Trip” and complete the worksheet provided. (15pts)
5C       Find an informational web site on the blues. Make a list of 15 pieces of information you found on the site. (15pts)
6C       Find a newspaper or magazine article on the blues or a blues musician.  This can be a current blues artist.  Write a paragraph summarizing the article.  (15pts)
7C       Write a paragraph about an influential FEMALE blues artist.  Site their biographical information, musical contributions, what instrument they played, career highlights and DOB/DOD. (15pts)
8C       Using the Encyclopedia of Jazz and Blues find an article on a blues musician.  Read the article then write a paragraph summarizing the article.  Site your source and page number.  (15pts)
9C       Make a list of 6 important blues musicians.  Tell what they played and why each one was important and unique to blues history.  (15pts)
10C       Write a one page essay about a CURRENT blues artist.  Site their biographical information, musical contributions, what instrument they played, career highlights and DOB/DOD. (15pts)
11C       Listen to the blues CD provided. Provide comments on each musical selection and discuss the examples with the teacher. (15pts)
12C       Read the provided article on African Americans and The Blues.  List 15 things you learned from the article.  (15pts)
13C       Complete an ARTIST COMPARISON ASSIGNMENT on two blues artists.  On the second page be sure to note the similarities and differences in the two artists.  (15pts)
14C       Listen to class lecture live or on tape and take notes. (5pts)  each session

Section 2- “B” Level Activities Choose 1 

Act# Date Pts INI Activity Description
15B       Create a chart showing traditional blues song form.  Follow the chart chord changes thru a song.  Provide song and artist information. (15pts)
16B       Using the provided chart, play a 12 bar blues progression on any instrument.  Piano, guitar, bass (no drums sorry, instruments must be melodic). (15pts)
17B       Create a timeline of a popular blues musician’s life.  Site important biographical, historical and career information. Site a minimum of 20 facts in the timeline.  (15pts)
Act# Date Pts  INI  Activity Description-Write one page essays to answer the following…
18A       Write a one page essay on how racial relations played a part in the spread of blues music in the early part of the century.  (15pts)
19A       Compose lyrics to a blues song with a minimum of 3 verses and a chorus.  Lyrics should be relevant to today’s times.  Write a paragraph about the history of blues lyrics and their effect on society in the early 1900’s.  (15pts)
20A       It has been said that everyone has their own definition of “The Blues” and what it means to them. In a one page essay, give your definition of “The Blues”and a defense of that definition.  (15pts)

**MY TOTAL POINTS THIS UNIT_________________MY GRADE_________ 

“A”  93-100+  points in sections 1, 2 and 3  

“B”  85-92   points in sections 1 and 2

“C”  77-84   points in section 1 

Maximum Points =100