Bound for Oregon
By Jean Van Leeuwen
6 Communication Arts

Layered Curriculum Designed by
Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto
Ronald H. Brown Charter School

Let us follow the Oregon Trail with Mary Ellen Todd on Bound for Oregon. On this trip, we will be doing a lot of exciting things that will help us earn points. The goal is to earn 100 points. You can do it!

Remember the following things:
·    You have to get 40 points in Layer C to get to Layer B
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer B to get to Layer A
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer A
·    Fill in the Score Sheet

Have fun with Mary Ellen Todd on Bound for Oregon!

Layer C: Basic Knowledge
- You have to earn 40 points in Layer C

__________ 1. Read the book; log it in your Reading Log (10 pts.)
__________ 2. Reading Comprehension Questions (10 pts)

You’re Choice:
__________ 3. Make a Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Trace the Todd Family Journey. (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Meet the Characters- describe the characters and their qualities. (10 pts.)   (Mary Ellen, Father, Mother, Louvina, John, Grandma, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Reynolds)
__________ 6. Make a storyboard for Bound to Oregon. It has to have at least 8 cells, with illustration and a summary. (10 pts.)
__________ 7.  Write a report about the author, Jean Van Leeuwen.        (10 pts.)
Layer B: Application
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer B


__________ 1. Make a timeline of the Todd Family Journey. (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
__________ 2. Draw a family picture of the Todd family. (10 pts.)
__________ 3. Write at least 5 journal entries from the point of view of any Todd family member. (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Role play your favorite scene in the story. (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Write a song or poem about Mary Ellen’s Life. (10 pts.)
__________ 6. Make a comic strip of an event in the story (10 pts.)
__________ 7. Write a summary of Bound for Oregon. (10 pts.)

Layer A: Critical Thinking and Analysis
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer A


__________ 1. Have a debate with a partner, on whether the Todd family should have made the trip to Oregon or not. (10 pts.)
__________ 2. Write a position paper on whether the Todd Family should go on a trip to Oregon or not. Support your opinion. (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
__________ 3.  Make a book review. Be sure to include what the book is about, what you liked about the book, and the message of the author. (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Write your opinion on whether it is okay to get supplies from abandoned wagons that were on the trail. (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Analyze the growth of Mary Ellen from the time they left Arkansas till the time they arrived in Oregon. ( 10 pts.)
___________ 6. Write up rules to follow for the families on the wagon train. (10 pts.)
__________ 7. Add a new character in the story. How would Mary Ellen interact with this character? Would she like the character? Write in detail an incident including Mary Ellen and the new character. (10 pts.)
__________ 8. Interview with Mary Ellen. Write 5 questions that you would like to ask Mary Ellen, and write Mary Ellen’s possible responses. (10 pts.)
__________ 9. Research about cholera and why it was a deadly disease during the nineteenth century. Present your findings to the class. (10 pts.)
__________ 10. Draw a picture of baby Elijah, and what he represents. (10 pts.)

Bound for Oregon Score Sheet

Name __________________________             Total Score ___________


Date Accomplished


Student’s Initial

Teacher’s Initial