The Shark Callers

By Eric Campbell

8 Communication Arts 

Layered Curriculum Designed by

Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto

Ronald H. Brown Charter School


Let us join Andy and Kaleku in their journey in The Shark Callers. On our journey, we will be doing a lot of exciting things that will help you earn points. Our goal is to get a score of 100 points. I know you can do it! 

Remember the following things:


Be careful on your journey with Andy and Kaleku! 

Layer C: Basic Knowledge


__________ 1. Read the book; log it in your Reading Log (10 pts.)

__________ 2. Reading Comprehension Questions (10 pts) 

You’re Choice:

__________ 3. Make a Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (10 pts.)

__________ 4. Draw a ship/ Construct a ship- label the parts using the Ship Vocabulary (10 pts.)

__________ 5. Make a booklet. Write a summary for every 3 chapters, and make a drawing to represent the chapters. (10 pts.)

__________ 6. Make a storyboard for The Shark Callers. It has to have at least 8 cells, with illustration and a summary. (10 pts.)

__________ 7.  Write a report about the authors, Eric Campbell.(10 pts.)

__________ 8. Write a letter to a friend, telling your experience in the tsunami. It can be from Andy or Kaleku’s point of view. (10 pts.) 

Layer B: Application

      - You have to earn 30 points in Layer B 


___________ 1. Research and report about tsunamis. (10 pts.) 

Your Choice:

___________ 2. If I were Kaleku…. Would you still go after  your dream and seeing your blood in the shark’s teeth? ( 10 pts.)

___________ 3. Role-play your favorite scene from the story. (10 pts.)

___________ 4. Character Collage. Make a collage for Andy and Kaleku. Include at least 4 images that are related to each character. (10 pts.)

___________ 5. Advice Column. Write to an advice column from Kaleku’s point of view, asking advice if he should continue with his shark calling that day. Write an advice/response. (10 pts.)

___________ 6. Diary. Write at least 5 diary entries from any character’s point of view. (10 pts.)

___________ 7. Write a song of poem about Andy and Kaleku’s life. (10 pts.)

___________ 8. Make a comic strip of an event in the story. (10 pts.) 

Layer A: Critical Thinking and Analysis



___________ 1. Speech: Analysis of Andy and Kaleku’s lives. Include their lives, family, culture, traditions, and the parallelism in each other’s lives. (10 pts.) 

Your Choice:

___________ 2. Character Before and After Tsunami. Analyze the characters before and after the tsunami. (10 pts.)

___________ 3. Write a eulogy for Kaleku. (10 pts.)

___________ 4. Symbol Poster. Select 10 symbols or images from The Shark Callers. For each symbol/image, write what it meant in the novel, why it was important, and how action in the story relates to the symbol. (10 pts.)

___________ 5. Make a book review. Be sure to include what the book is about, what you liked about the book, and the message of the author. (10 pts.)

___________ 6. Interview the characters in the story. Ask at least 5 questions, and their possible answers. (10 pts.)

___________ 7. Pretend that you are a television newscaster telling the viewers about the volcanic eruption and the tsunami. (10 pts.) 

The Shark Callers Score Sheet 

Name __________________________             Total Score ___________