Middle East Level C Unit

Deborah Hercsek
Nordonia Schools


Basic Level:  All activities must be completed in class for Level C before proceeding to Level B.          

                       Level A (AP extensions) will be completed in class and at home. 

Level C:  whole class instruction and practice  

Choose one of the following: 

      1. Listen to daily lessons, skimming & scanning to fill out outline together from overhead

      2. Listen to daily lessons, skimming & scanning to fill out graphic organizer (ask me)

      3. Read World Geography Resource pgs.  332-349 & read World Regions

          Resource pgs. 351-404;  Answer all review questions in complete sentences. 

Required:  Map Skills


Required:  Quietly watch the video and take notes  

Choose one of the following:

  1. List 10 interesting things you learned from the video.
  2. Write a two-paragraph summary of topics discussed in the video.
  3. Write a song including 10 new facts (copy to teacher). 

Required:  Choose one of the following:

  1. Define, in a 2-column style, the vocabulary words in notebook, learn them.
  2. Go to puzzlemaker.com or other google site and create a crossword puzzle using the vocabulary words, solve the puzzle, learn’m.
  3. Create a board game of Middle Eastern Vocabulary (see me)
  4. Draw or computer-generate pictures for vocabulary words.

aquifer, oasis, qanats, arid, petroleum, bazaar, Arabic calligraphy, sharia, sirocco, fertilizer, scholar, epic, monotheism, messiah, alms, phosphates, nomads, Aswan Dam 

Your choice:  only 1 from each lesson is required for “C”

Review lesson

Activity       57, 58, 59, 60

Worksheet 61, 62, 63, 64, 65


Unit Test on Middle East:  40 points,  My Score: ______ (need 30 to pass, or must re-take)