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ECI 705 - Developmental Instructional Supervision of Teachers
Unit Topic 1:  Building the Helping Relationship

by Donna Thomas

“C” Layer
Choose activities for a total of 70 points.                                      Points earned:
1.    Read the book >From Isolation to Conversation.  15 points  _____ 
2.    Write your reflections to the sessions in this unit.  1 2 3 (5 pts each)       _____
3.    Create an orientation guide to your school.  Be sure to include rules pertaining to copying and laminating.  10 points             ______
4.    Put together a packet of resources for one of the “Methods to Master” i.e. classroom management, questioning skills, differentiation, etc.  10 points  ______
5.    Design a brochure of your faculty and staff members.  10 points  ______
6.    Compile a list of websites that would be beneficial for novice teachers. 5 points  ______
7.    Put together a calendar of “important dates to remember” for instance, parent conferences.  5 points   ______
8.    Make a dictionary of educational terminology/acronyms.  5 points   ______
9.    Watch the video of the Getting Acquainted Conference.  5 points   ______
10.  Create a “Welcome” basket for a new teacher.  Be ready to share your idea with the rest of the class.  10 points   ______
11.  Write a critique on the article “         10 points   ______

“B” Layer
Choose 1:  Be ready to share these with the class.    Maximum 15 points.     15 points each ______

1.    With a partner, role-play a Getting Acquainted Conference.  Video or audio tape the conference.
2.    Compare and contrast the NC Mentor Standards with the mentor teacher program from another state.  Create a visual.
3.    Create a power point presentation that outlines how to build a helping relationship with your mentee.

“A” Layer
Choose 1:  Responses must show reflective thinking.  Maximum 15 points.   15 points each  ______

1.    Why is North Carolina facing a teacher shortage?
2.    What can be colleges and universities do to better prepare novice teachers for the reality of the classroom?
3.    With all of the high stakes accountability testing focusing on student achievement, what can be done to ensure that teachers are not the ones left behind?

Points earned “C” Layer:         ______
Points earned “B” Layer:         ______
Points earned “A” Layer          ______
Total points earned:                 ______
Unit grade:                               ______

Grading Scale:
        > 86 = A
        > 71 = B
        > 56 = C
56 or less = D