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Fifth Grade Math Lesson

Data Analysis

by Donna Thomas

West End, NC

Objective: Solve problems with data from a single set or multiple sets of data using median, mean, range, and mode.

"A" Level Activities: Choose activities from each day for a maximum of 70 points.

Day 1:

1. Listen to the lesson on mode and mean. 5 points

2. Using the data provided in the nutritional information section from five similar

types of food (ex. beans, candy bars), find the mean and the mode of calories

for that type of food. Record your answers in your Math Journal.

Remember to defend your answers. 5 points

3. Answer the questions to the problems on page 280 whose numbers are

multiples of 4. 5 points

4. In your math journal, explain what mean and mode are. Give examples and

show how to find the mode and mean. 5 points

Day 2:

1. Listen to the lesson on median. 5 points

2. Take a bag of Jelly Beans from the middle of your table. Count the

number of Jelly Beans in your bag. Compare this number with the

data from six other students. Find the mean, median, and mode for the

data that you collect. 10 points

3. Do the worksheet "Collecting Data." 10 points

4. Interview 6 teachers. Collect one form of data (ex. age, height, weight).

Design a graph or chart of the data. Be sure to include a statement that

gives the mean, mode and median for the data you collected. 15 points

Day 3:

1. Listen to the lesson on range. 5 points

2. Using the estimates from this week's Estimation Station, find and record the

mean, median, mode, and range for the estimates given. Remember to

write in your Math Journals and to defend your answers. 10 points

3. Print a copy of your last 10 Accelerated Reader test scores. Find the

mean, median, mode, and range for the scores. Record and defend your

answers in your Math Journal. 10 points

4. Complete the Data Problem Solving Booklet. 15 points

"B" Level Activities - Choose only 1.

Day 4:

1. Measure and record the height for the group members at your table.

Find the median, mode, mean, and range for this data. Compare

it with the data from two other groups of students. Create a chart

or graph displaying this data. 15 points

2. Develop a game or a song that would help people to remember the

way to find the mean, mode, range, and median. 15 points

3. Teach the teacher. Using some type of data, teach the teacher about

the four different terms. 15 points

"A" Level Activities - Choose only 1.

For these activities you may work alone, with a partner or with a group.

1. Create a visual that represents range, mode, mean and median. It can be

one visual or one for each one. You may use any items from the Creation

station that you need. 15 points

2. Write a play or a story in which Range, Mode, Mean, and Median are the

main characters. Their characters must represent their functions.

Be willing to share with the class. You may use anything from the Creation

Station to design the props or costumes. 15 points

3. On the computer, create a brochure explaining mean, median, mode, and

range. Use graphs, charts, or any other means to "teach" someone about these. 15 points

Grading Scale

> 85 points = A > 70 points = B > 55 points = C

Anything less is unacceptable.