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2nd Grade Math

Symmetric and Congruent Figures

by Donna Thomas

West End, NC

Competency Goal: The learner will identify and make symmetric and congruent figures.

"C" Level Activities: Choose 5

1. Using the Sharpie Markers, color the butterfly transparency. Make sure

that the wing colors match when you fold the butterfly on the line of symmetry.

2. Cut out shapes that are congruent. Use the shapes to design another shape

that has a line of symmetry. Make a creative poster with the new shape.

Be sure to mark the line of symmetry. (See example in the Math Center.)

3. Create a list of 10 items from the room that are symmetrical. Indicate

where the lines of symmetry are.

4. Do pages 262 and 268. Do only the problems whose numbers you say when

you count by 4.

5. Using materials from the Creation Station (ex. play dough, yarn, buttons, etc.),

create congruent objects that have clear lines of symmetry.

6. Using "Kid Pix" on the computer create 10 pictures that demonstrate

congruency and symmetry.

7. Write in your Math Journal an explanation of congruency and symmetry.

Give examples of each.

"B" Level Activities: Choose 1

1. Using "Kid Pix" create a brochure explaining the concepts of

symmetry and congruency.

2. In your Math Journal, give examples of why we might need to keep

things congruent and/or symmetrical. In what professions would

this be really important? Be specific.

"A" Level Activities: Choose 1

1. Use the attribute blocks to explain congruency and symmetry to 1 of your teachers.

2.With a group or a partner, create a song, rap, or a poem that

will help people remember what these two terms mean. Be prepared to

share with the class.