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First Grade:  Healthful Living
by Donna Thomas

NC Competency Goal 3: 
The learner will interpret health risks for self and others and corresponding protection measures.

“C” Layer

Day 1
Essential Question:  What are some rules that we have at school?
Graphic Organizer:  Circle Map 

Choose 2:
1.    Make a poster listing the rules that we follow at school.
2.    Listen to the “Safe at School” video in the Listening Center.
3.    Draw a picture of someone following the playground rules.
4.    Write about a time when you, or someone you know, did not follow the rules.
5.    Quietly watch the Safety Video.

Day 2
Essential Question:  What could happen when we don’t follow the rules?
Graphic Organizer:  Flow Map

Choose 2:
1.    Cut pictures out of magazines from the Art Center that show people acting safely. Create a collage with the pictures.
2.    Choose a book from the Special Topic Table and read it.
3.    Write a letter to a Kindergarten student explaining why we should follow the rules.
4.    With a partner, use the puppets to reenact today’s story.
5.    While we are on the playground or while you are on the school bus, tally the number of times you see someone not following the rules.  Tally for at least ten minutes.

Day 3
Essential Questions:  Who do we contact when we have an emergency? How do we contact help?
Graphic Organizer:    KWLH  (only fill in the Know and Want to Know columns)

Choose 2:
1.    Using telephones from the basket, you and a partner role play calling Emergency Services for help.
2.    Fill out the Emergency Information sheet.
3.    Create a poster showing other people how to call for help.
4.    Color, cut, and match the correct Emergency people with the correct situation.  For instance, color the picture of the Animal Control Officer – then glue his picture next to the stray dog.
5.    In your writing journal, write a fictional story about a time when someone would need to call for help.

“B” Layer

Day 4
Essential Question:   Why should we follow the rules?
Graphic Organizer:    Display and review graphic organizers from Days 1, 2, and 3.

Choose 1:
1.    Write an acrostic poem using the word “SAFETY.”
2.    With a partner or in groups of 3 or 4, create a skit or a rap that explains the importance of safety and following the rules.
3.    During our “Safety Day”, interview an Emergency Service worker.  You must have 3 questions ready to ask before their visit.

“A” Layer

Day 5
Essential Question:  What have we learned about staying safe and calling for help?
Graphic Organizer:  Complete the KWLH chart (fill in the “What have we Learned?” column and the  “How will we use what we have learned?” column).

*Choose 1:
1.    What would happen if we got rid of all of the rules?
2.    If you could make a new rule, what would it be?

*Questions must be answered and defended.