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Grade 3 Math


by Donna Thomas

West End, North Carolina

"C" Level Activities: 65 points maximum

1. Listen to mini-lesson. 5 points per day

2. Do pages 170. Work only the problems whose numbers are multiples of 3. 5 points

3. Practice flashcards with a partner for 15 minutes. 5 points

4. Use the "Factor Machine" for 15 minutes. 10 points

5. Listen and sing along with "Multiplication Rap." 5 points

6. Cut pictures out of magazines that illustrate arrays. Create a poster with them.

Write the multiplication equation that matches each array. 10 points

7. Play "Factor Football" with a group. Each person must record the problems

and the answers in their Math Journals. 10 points

8. Gather materials from outside (sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.). Create a poster with

the objects that illustrate the concept of multiplication.

(Example: a 3x3 array of sticks or 4 sets of 3 rocks). 10 points

9. In "Kid Pix" use the stamp to create a book about multiplication. 10 points

10. In your Math Journal, explain and demonstrate the concept of multiplication.

Be specific. 15 points

"B" Level Activities: Choose 1

1 On the computer, play "Multiplication Madness." Show master of facts by

printing out the certificate. 15 points

2 Complete the Multiplication Problem Solving Packet. Remember to defend

your answers. 15 points

3 Teach the teacher the multiplication. Remember to plan how you are going

to do this. 15 points

"A" Level Activities: Choose 1

1 Create a math game, song, or story that deals with multiplication.

Be ready to share it with the class. 15 points

2 Write and publish 10 word problems that can be solved by using multiplication.

Make sure that you have an "answer" page attached. 15 points