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Grade 1 Math

by Donna Thomas

West End, North Carolina

Competency Goal: Develop number sense for whole numbers through 99.

"C" Level: Choose 5

1. Sing along with tape in the listening center.

2 In the Art Center, make a number book that shows numbers

greater than 25. Look at the example.

3 Play "Race to 50" with a partner.

4. Match the pictures to the correct number. Cut out and glue

on paper.

5 Do the math page.

6 In your math journal, write about the math you did today.

7. Play "I have" with a group.

"B" Level: Choose 1

1 Do the "Math Story Problems" booklet.

2 Using "Kid Pix" stamp out pictures. Then type in the

correct number of tens and ones next to it. Do this for

ten different numbers above 30.

"A" Level: Choose 1

1 Teach your teacher. Using any objects from the Math Center,

teacher about place value. Write down your plan before you

meet with the teacher.

2 Create a math work page for your class. Be sure to make the

answer sheet.