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Sixth Grade – Social Studies

by Donna Thomas

Competency Goal:  The learner will use the five themes of geography and geographic tools to answer geographic questions and analyze geographic concepts.

This unit focuses on an introduction to South America.  The history, people and cultures will be included in following units.

“C” Layer
Choose activities for a total of 70 points.                                              
                                  Points earned:
1.  Read pages 235 – 262 in your Social Studies text.                            10 points   ______
2.  Answer questions on page 263 from text book.                                  5 points   ______
3.  Create a 3 dimensional map outlining the different countries and landforms in South America.                                           10 points   ______
4.  Go on NC Wise – Kaleidoscope and work through the South America section.    10 points  ______
5.  Do a web search for information about South America. Complete a “Fact Sheet” for our information board.                       10 points  ______
6.  Choose a book from the Special Topic Table to read.             10 points  ______
7.  Quietly watch the “South America” video.              5 points   ______
8.  Listen to the audio-taped version of the Social Studies text.           10 points   ______
9.  Create a brochure for visitors to South America.          10 points   ______
10. Locate ten of the fifty most populated cities in South America. Mark their locations on a map.  When you mark them include their populations.           10 points  ______
11. Create a database with the different countries found in South America. You decide what to include in the database.  One idea: longitude/latitude.   10 points  ______
12.  Talk with a partner about the different countries and landforms located in South America.  Use a map or globe to help you illustrate your ideas.     10 points          _______

Total points earned in “C” Layer        _______

“B” Layer
Choose 1.   Maximum points available = 15.

1.    Compare and contrast the land of South America to the land of North America.
2.    Create power point presentation on South America and its landforms.
3.    Create a game using the countries and landforms of South America.

Total points earned in “B” Layer  _______

“A” Layer
Choose 1.  Maximum points available = 15.
Remember responses must show reflective thinking!

1.    What effect do you think South America’s location and landforms have on its agriculture?
2.    Do you think that South America and North America should be considered one continent?
3.    Do you think that we should have “open borders” between North and South America?

Total points earned in “A” Layer  ______
Total unit points   _______

Grading Scale: 
> 85 points = A
> 70 points = B
> 55 points = C   
55 points or less = NY (Not yet)     

Unit Grade:   ________________

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