American Revolution

Donnie Herneisen

Social Studies
Hood River Valley High School

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This Layered Curriculum unit will consist of an exploration of the English, American and French Revolutions. We are now focusing on the American Revolution. IMPORTANT: Choose activities that will help you learn the objectives listed below. 

Must be completed by __________________________! 

“KNOW IT” LEVEL Minimum Points: 50 pts.      Maximum from KNOW IT Level: 65 pts. 


When you have completed this unit, you will know:

American Revolutionary War: (Choose 3)

  1. Listen and take notes on Herneisen’s “American Revolution” lectures.  
    5 Points each day          5         5        Show these to Herneisen after finished.
  2. Read Chapter 21 Sections 3 & 4 and take notes. (10______ / ______)
  3. Complete the “Revolutionary Road Map” found online on Herneisen’s website. 
    (10 pts _____ /______)
  4. Create flash cards for the “People to Meet” from Chapter 21, Sections 3 & 4. 
    (10 pts _____ /______)
  5. Complete the Chapter 21 Assessment on page 536-537. Do the Key Terms, Reviewing Facts, and Geography in History sections. (10 _____ / ______)
  6. Read and understand an excerpt from Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, about why we need a government at all. Rewrite this in your own words to prove your understanding. 
    (10 ____ / _____)
  7. Complete the Chapter 21 Section 3 Assessment questions on page 550, as well as the Section 3 Assessment questions on page 555. (10 pts _____ /______)
  8. Create a “Who’s Who” cheat sheet for the persons identified in Chapter 21 Sections 3 & 4. Ask your teacher for help if you don’t know how to do this. (10 pts _____ /______)
  9. Complete “The Causes of the American Revolution Worksheet #1” worksheet (Red Crate #3). Make sure to return the worksheet to the crate. (10 pts _____ /______)
  10. Create a list of “Essential Vocabulary” for Chapter 21 Sections 3 & 4. What are some of the words you need to know, but they aren’t really defined in the chapter (i.e. They aren’t in bold print). Define these terms. (10 pts _____ /______)
  11. Watch the “Patriot Father, Loyalist Son” video on Benjamin Franklin and complete the worksheet in Red Crate #2 folder. (10 pts _____ /______)
  12. Create a drawing of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”. What was happening? How did this scene look? (10 pts _____ /______)
  13. Write a letter to the editor of a colonial newspaper in 1776 in which you support or oppose the American struggle for independence. Use at least three reasons to support your point of view. Use your knowledge of the causes of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence in your answer. (10 pts _____ /______)
  14. Create a model of the Battle at Yorktown and the surrender of the British. Be prepared to explain the battle, the results, and the lasting consequences. (15 _____ / ______)

Congratulations! You have made it to the Use It and Judge It Levels for this unit! These  
assignments must be completed and turned in to Mr. Herneisen by Monday, October 2, 2007.

“Use It” LEVEL – Choose One

  1. Create a map of an imaginary land based on your own interests (example: Soccerland, Waffle cone World). Your map should include a compass rose, a key, map symbols, names of important sites, a capital city, natural and political boundaries, lines of latitude and longitude. Create a chart with the absolute location (which means drawing lines of lat./long. and a short description of 10 important sites on your map. (_______ 15 pts) 
  2. Create a list of geographic terms and their definitions (from the Geography Handbook), and then use those terms to write a poem/rap song about a certain place. 5 extra points if you sin/rap the song in an oral defense! (_______ 15 pts) 
  3. Make a timeline of the years of your life showing at least ten items of historical importance that have occurred on each continent (at least one item from each continent). Create a world map of the locations and label them and their absolute locations. (_______ 15 pts)

“Judge It” LEVEL – Choose One

  1. Research at least 5 historical landmarks throughout the world. Prepare a half-page (typed, double-spaced) description of each and why it appeals to you. Create a map of the world showing the locations of each.  (_______ 15 pts) 
  2. Think about a way in which the residents of the Hood River Valley interact with their environment. Pick one mode of human environment interaction and discuss why it is best suited for the Hood River Valley, and compare that same activity for another location. Example: Why is pear growing so popular here, and not in the Willamette Valley (only 1.5 hours away!). Write a one to two page paper discussing your thoughts. (_______ 15 pts) 
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What would you like to do there (job, recreation)? Apply the 5 themes of geography to your destination and write a 1-2 page paper (typed) discussing this special place. Be sure to discuss each theme! (_______ 15 pts)