Latin America

Donnie Herneisen

Social Studies
Hood River Valley High School

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This Layered Curriculum unit will consist of an exploration of the geography of Latin America region, with specific emphasis on Mexico and Central America.  
IMPORTANT: Choose activities that will help you learn the objectives listed below. 

Must be completed by __________________________! 

“KNOW IT” LEVEL: Minimum Points: 60 pts.      Maximum Points: 65 pts. 


When you have completed this unit, you will know:



  1. Complete the Latin America Mapping Lab. (30 pts. _______) 

History & Culture: (Choose 3)

  1. Listen and take notes on Herneisen’s lecture “Latin America” lectures. 5 pts. each day             5         5    ________     Show these notes to Herneisen after finished. 
  2. Read Pgs. 141-147 in GeographyAlive! and outline/take notes. Be able to answer 3-5 questions about the content of the chapter. (10 pts. ______ / ______) 
  3. Read Pgs. 177-187 in GeographyAlive! and outline/take notes. Be able to answer 3-5 questions about the content of the chapter.  (10 pts. ______ / ______)
  1. Listen to the podcast of the Unit 3 Introduction (History, Population, and Economics) and take notes. Be able to answer 3-5 questions about the content. (10 pts. ______ / ______)
  1. Go to Choose a nation from Mexico, Central America, or South America, and click on the flag for that country. Then click on “Public Behavior”. In an oral defense, demonstrate 10 acceptable/unacceptable behaviors in that country.  
    (10 pts. ____/_____)
  1. Research at least four holidays that are celebrated in Latin America and write up one half page (typed) about each. Include at least one picture/symbol for each. (10 pts. ______ / ______)
  1. Create a timeline of major political events (wars/rebellions) which have occurred in Mexico since the year 1800. Use your textbook and the internet to find events. Be able to answer questions about the events (who/what/where/why). (10 pts. ______ / ______)
  1. Find three articles about current events in Latin America. Read and summarize orally or in writing. (10 pts. ______ / ______)
  1. Create a collage of pictures of Latin America “culture”. Holidays, music, traditions, food, people. Be able to orally the pictures you choose. 
  1. Watch the video “Mexico-The Nation”  (23 min.) and take notes. Complete the movie quiz with 70% accuracy. (10 pts. ______ / ______)

“USE IT”  LEVEL: 20 pts. (Choose one) 

  1. Create a model of the city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Use whatever materials you see necessary. Be able to describe your model to Mr. Herneisen. ((20 pts. _______ )
  2. Create a travel brochure for a 10-day trip to Latin America. (20 pts. _______ )
  3. Make a menu of Latin American foods. Include 2 different recipes for each of the following: chicken, beef, fish/shellfish, vegetables, beverages, desserts, snacks/appetizers. Include the country of origin for each dish. Foods must be from at least 5 different countries.  
    (20 pts. _______ )
  4. Create a board game that will help other students learn the names of the countries in Central or South America. (20 pts. _______ )
  5. Make a poster of 10 historically famous figures from Mexico’s past. Write a short paragraph about each person, describing their accomplishments. (20 pts. _______ )
  6. Make a poster that compares the US and the nations of Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, and Bolivia in the following categories: population, literacy rates, per capita GDP, life expectancy, televisions per person. (20 pts. _______ )

“JUDGE IT”  LEVEL: 20 pts. (Choose one) 

In a well thought out and defended essay, discuss ONE of the following topics. Essays should be 2-3 typed pages (double-spaced), font Times New Roman size 12, with 1” margins. Most importantly, take a position and then defend it.  

  1. Should the U.S. keep illegal or undocumented immigrants from crossing the border into the United States? Why or why not? What do you think should be done? 
  2. Should the US end its trade embargo on Cuba? How should the U.S. treat the successor to Fidel Castro? 
  3. Which is more important, protecting the rainforest or providing jobs/space for the people of Brazil? Are people more important that the environment?