Donnie Herneisen

Social Studies
Hood River Valley High School

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Know it Level Use It Level Judge It Level Unit Total Unit Must be completed by:
60 15 15 90 4/18/2008

    When you have completed this unit, you will know:

  • General knowledge of the geographic features of Russia.
  • General knowledge of the foundation of the former Soviet Union and present-day Russia.

: 60 pts


  1. Complete the Russia KWL Chart. Must be present to complete. (5 pts. _______)
  2. Read and take notes on Ch. 18.2 and 18.7 in GeographyAlive! Be able to answer 3-5 questions on the content. (10 pts. _____ / _____)



  1. Complete a “Map of Russia” drawing activity, and be able to correctly identify 5 locations in an oral defense. (2 pts for each correctly identified). Red Crate #4 (10 pts ______ / ______ )
  2. Describe the geography of Russia to Mr. Herneisen (landforms, climate, resources) in a 1-2 minute lecture (Alternate 2-3 paragraph essay). (10 pts. _____ / _____) 


  1. Listen to and take notes on Herneisen’s lectures. 5 pts each day, must be present to get credit. (20 pts.     5        5        5       5    ) Total ________
  2. Read the poem “The Twelve” by Aleksandr Blok, about the Russian Revolution. Write a ½ page summary of the poem in your own words. Red Crate #3 (10 pts. _____ / _____ )


  1. Using the “Some Basic Russian Phrases” sheet in Red Crate #2 learn 10 basic phrases in the Russian language. Create a small chart showing the phrase in English and how to pronounce it. Be able to recognize 5 of these in an oral defense. (10 pts _____ / _____ )
  2. Create a collage of pictures symbolizing different aspects of Russian culture. Focus on food, dance, music, work, clothing, etc. (10 pts. _____ / _____ )
  3. Watch the in-class video “New Russia: From Marx to McDonald’s” and take notes on the aspects of “New Russian” culture. (10 pts. _____ / _____ )
  4. Movie Options: Watch any one of the following movies and prepare a ½ to 1 page report on the content of the movie: Doctor Zhivago, Anna Karenina, Fiddler on the Roof, Anastasia, Enemy at the Gates (with parental permission). Others by suggestion. (10 pts. _____ / _____ ) 
    “USE  IT”  LEVEL: 15 pts.
  5. Create a compare/contrast model to show the similarities and differences between Communism and Capitalism. (15 pts. _______ ) 
  6. Create an artistic sketch (with color) of a scene from daily life under communism in Russia. 
    (15 pts.______) 
  7. Create a PowerPoint giving a brief history in your own words of the 7 people listed in USE IT LEVEL #4 and email it to Mr. Herneisen. Include pictures, quotes, etc. (15 pts. _____ ) 
  8. In a group of up to 4 people, create “interviews” with at least 4 of the following characters from Russian history: Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nikita Kruschev, or Mikhail Gorbachev. Interviews should be in character, historically accurate, and entertaining. Length should be approximately 2-3 minutes each. (15 pts. _____) 

“JUDGE  IT”  LEVEL: 15 pts. 

In a well thought out and defended essay, discuss ONE of the following topics. Essays should be 2-3 typed pages (double-spaced), font Times New Roman size 12, with 1” margins. Most importantly, take a position and then defend it.  

  1. Communism is a political system that could never work. Agree or disagree?
  2. Read the “Beginning to Think Globally” section on Pg. 273 in GeographyAlive! Does the United States have a role to play in the survival of new nation-states around the world, and the former Soviet nations in particular?
  3. Was Josef Stalin more evil than Adolf Hitler?
  4. Should Russia allow Chechnya to gain its freedom?
  5. Is Siberia the worst place on Earth to live?
  6. Is ballet the most difficult dance style on the planet? How has Russia contributed to this art form?