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Ancient Egypt

Marsha Cuttill , Maroa Grade School, Maroa, Illinois

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River Valley Civilizations: Ancient Egypt

Complete the following for 100 points. Required layer

Participate in daily lesson discussions. (4 lesson @ 5 pts. Each 20 pts. total)

Complete sticky notes for each lesson or complete the questions at the end of each lesson for oral discussion. (4 lessons @ 10 pts. Each 40 pts. Total)

Complete sticky notes for the ancient Egypt supplemental reading spiral. (20 points)

Create a color map of Ancient Egypt and surrounding areas (20 points)

Choose from the following to earn 100 points. "C" Layer (all activities require oral defense)

Create a help wanted ad for a pyramid worker. (10 points)

Create flash cards of all vocabulary for each lesson (4 lessons at 10 pts. Each 40 points total)

Create an illustrated dictionary of terms you learned from this Unit. (40 points)

Choose a famous person mentioned in this unit. Do some added research and create; either a written report, poster report or oral report about the person. (40 points)

Research hieroglyphics and create your name in hieroglyphics on a piece of construction paper (20 pts)

Complete a personal pyramid. Get instructions from your teacher (40 points)

Research and create your own Egyptian cartouche from clay. (30 points)

Research the mummification process and create your own sarcophagus. (40 points)

Research Egyptian gods and goddesses. Present what you find to the class. (40 points)

Create a pyramid poem about anything you have learned about ancient Egypt. (20 points)

Write a letter to Punt describing what Egypt was like. (30 points)

Make a list of three things about ancient Egypt that you think mark it as an important civilization. (10 points)

Explain how the shape of Egyptian society was similar to that of a pyramid. Then describe the groups that made up the Egyptian social pyramid. (20 points)

Write a paragraph about the effect of the Nile River on ancient Egyptian civilization. Tell about the problems the Nile caused and what people did to solve them. (10 Points)

Choose ONE the following to earn 100 points. "B" Layer

Create a timetable of the ways an ordinary Egyptian spent a typical day. Then create the same for an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Research the "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" as it relates to the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. Create a reaction paper or oral presentation about these "curses".

How did the Egyptians build an Empire? Explain orally or in written form.

Choose ONE the following to earn 100 points. "A" Layer

Using current news stories about trade relations-between the United States and other countries or among nations formed into trading blocs-relate it to Hatshepsut's expedition. What is the importance of trade to nations from ancient times to the present?

Choose an identity from ancient Egypt. Write a week's journal from that person's point of view. Be creative in your entries, so that they reveal the character, attitude and actions of your chosen subject.

Or you can complete the following for 200 points and it would count for "B" and "A" levels.

You may complete this project with a partner or in a group of no more than four. (100 Points


Grading Scale:

360-400 A 320 - 360 B 280 - 320 C 240 - 280 D 200 - 240 F

You MUST be at work each day of class. Most class periods will begin with our discussion of the assigned lesson and points will be given for that activity.

Required layer:

Participation Sticky notes Questions

Ls. 1 _____ ______ ______

Ls. 2 _____ ______ ______

Ls. 3 _____ ______ ______

Ls. 4 _____ ______ ______

"C" Layer

_____________________________ ______ points

_____________________________ ______ points

_____________________________ ______ points

_____________________________ ______ points

_____________________________ ______ points

______ TOTAL

"B" Layer

_____________________________ ______ points

"A" Layer

_____________________________ ______ points

Total Points ________________ Project Grade __________