Elizabeth Marie Garcia

EDSE 3348. Summer II

Layered Curriculum

English - Reading Novel  Layered Curriculum Unit  Assignments


§110.18. English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 6

(b) Knowledge and Skills.

(6)  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:

(A)  Summarize the elements of plot development (e.g., rising action, turning point, climax, falling action, and denouement) in various works of fiction;

(B)  Recognize dialect and conversational voice and explain how authors use dialect to convey character; and

(16)  Writing. Students write about their own experiences. Students are expected to write a personal narrative that has a clearly defined focus and communicates the importance of or reasons for actions and/or consequences.

§110.19. English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 7

(b) Knowledge and Skills

(6)  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:

(B)  Analyze the development of the plot through the internal and external responses of the characters, including their motivations and conflicts; and





Hatchet- Gary Paulsen

6th – 7th grade class

SECTION I C Level - EARN A GRADE OF "C" - 70 pts

Required: Read the book and follow along with a taped reading of the book if needed. You may also read the book at home for 35 points. After we are finished, each student will discuss a part of the book with their classmates in a four person group. Students who have read the book will be able to discuss it and will earn the points. Students may be required to pass on oral quiz on the book. Points earned for reading.

Your choice-Look at the option listed below, and decide which of them you will complete for a maximum of 35 pts. Depending on which ones you choose you will need to complete 1-2 assignments (or more) each day to finish on time. You will get full credit given for work that shows effort and creativity.

  1. Make a small scrapbook of any chapter in the book. Include Illustration as well as the main characters and ideas of the chapter. (5pts)
  2. Choose five unfamiliar words from chapters 1-4. Look up the definition and then write it in your own words. (2pts each) 
  3. Complete a vocabulary worksheet. Words from the book. (5pts each maximum 20pts)
  4. Complete any or all of the 4 quizzes on the book. (5pts each, maximum 20pts) 
  5. Read the one page biography of the author. Write and learn three interesting things about him. (10pts)
  6. Pretend you are a costume designer from the book how would you dress the characters? Draw your designs and color them. (5pts)
  7. Write your answer to three questions about the book. For example; what is the secret in the book? How did the plane crash? What did Brians mom give him as a gift? (10pts)
  8. Read about the History of a Hatchet. When it was made and how it was used. (10pts)
  9. Complete the worksheet on the geographical area of the Canadian wilderness. (5pts)
  10. Construct a timeline of events in the book. From what happened first to what happened last. (10pts)
  11. Complete the worksheet on survival skills. Compare and contrast the survival skills to the wilderness and the city. (5pts)
  12. Complete a word search worksheet. (5pts)
  13. Get a song about survival and brainstorm how the song can relate to the book. The teacher will have songs you can choose from. (10pts)
  14. Working in a group of four talk about what you would have done in Brians situation. (10pts). Act out in front of the class what each of you would do if you were Brian. (10pts) 
  15. Complete the unit test on the book. (10pts)


You must complete C Level before going to B Level


Section II B Level -earn a Grade of "B" - choose one for 7.5pts


Choose one of the following questions. Write your answer to this question, using your own ideas and those from the story. Give at least three reasons for your answer. You must write 75-100 words (about half a page) to get credit for this choice. Points earned at B level.


  1. Will Brian use the Hatchet his Mom gave him?
  2. Will Brian talk to the Pilot while hes in the Plane? Will the Pilot talk to Brian while they are in the Plane? What will they say to each other?
  3. Did Brian feel sad and lonely sometimes?
  4. Will they ever find Brian?
  5. How do you think Brian will feel after his experience in the wilderness?


You must complete B Level before going to A Level.

Section III A Level- earn a grade of “A”- 7.5pts

Write your own response to one of the following ideas. you must write a response of 75-100 words (about a half page) to get credit for this choice. Pts earned at A level

*Note: In reading the book the Hatchet there was a secret.



89-100 =A 77-88=B 62-76=C 50-61=D <50=F