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Neil Murphy

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Chapter Objectives: Upon completion of the chapter the student will be able to complete the following: 1. Evaluate how technology changed life in Mesopotamia.

2. Summarize the link between agriculture and religion in Sumer.

3. Classify the Sumerians according to social classes.

4. Classify the causes and effects of conflict in the Fertile Crescent.

5. Show how the 10 Commandments are important to three religions.

6. Explain how the Phoenicians changed writing.


Students must complete at least one assignment in each section. This signed chapter sheet is due on Monday October 21, 2002. Test is on Tuesday October 22, 2002.

C LEVEL-Maximum of 70 points-Oral assessments-Work goes into folder

_____Lecture and take notes-5 points per lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6

Topics include: technology in F.C., religion and agriculture, divisions in society, causes and

effects of conflicts, 10 Commandments, the alphabet

_____View "Ancient Mesopotamia"-write 5 things learned from video-5 pts. 10/11 ONLY

Civilizations in Mesopotamia (pgs. 61-66) Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 8

_____Vocabulary Flashcards-10 pts.

_____Lesson on tape/checkmark questions-10 pts.

_____Spoke Diagram-10 pts.

_____Mosaic of Sumerian contributions-10 pts. MANDATORY-COLLECTED ON 10/18

_____Explain any illustration from lesson-5 pts.

War and Peace in the Fertile Crescent (pgs. 67-71) Learning Outcomes 1, 3

_____"Foldable" for vocabulary terms-10 pts.

_____Sensory figure of one of the three Fertile Crescent leaders-5 pts.

_____Illustrated Outline-10 pts.

_____Read lesson/answer review questions 1-3 10pts.

_____Complete "Code of Hammurabi" sheet-5 pts.

Israelites, Phoenicians, and Lydians (pgs. 72-77) Learning Outcomes 1, 3, 5, 11

_____Illustrated dictionary entries-10 pts.

_____Reading flash cards-10 pts.

_____Read lesson/checkmark questions-10 pts

_____Complete "How to follow routes" sheet-5 pts.

_____Mosaic for the contributions of one of the three groups-5 pts.

B LEVEL-Choose only 1-Students chooses how to answer question-Must be turned in to the teacher by 10/21-NO EXCEPTIONS-worth 15 points.

_____How did the people of the Fertile Crescent change to meet their needs?

_____How did people of the Fertile Crescent protect themselves from outsiders and still keep

order within their society?

_____What did the ancient Israelites, Phoenicians, and Lydians contribute to change the way

that ancient people lived?

A LEVEL-Choose only 1-Students choice on how to answer-Must be turned in to the teacher by

10/21-NO EXCEPTIONS-worth 20 points

_____Consider the impact of the Code of Hammurabi in Ancient Mesopotamia as compared to the U.S. Constitution that governs our country today.

_____Evaluate the effects of crop surplus on early civilizations.

_____Analyze how the contributions of the ancient Israelites, Phoenicians, and Lydians affect our lives today.

GRADE SCALE-60-69=D 70-79=C 80-89=B 90+=A

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE______________________________________________


SELF-ASSESSMENT-Rate yourself on our 1-4 scale in relation to how well you learned.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.