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by Garry Knapp

Monroe, MI 

Chapters 3 & 4 in Magruder’s American Government
Chapter 5 in Civics Participating in Government
Name_______________________________  Due Date__________  Your Score_____100/max.
Unit 2 (assignments with an * are REQURIED and will be done as a class)
C Layer.  Maximum 65 points in this section.
1______________ 2______________  3______________ 4______________ 5______________

1.       Listen to the lecture and take notes.  5 pts. per day.

  1. Watch the video “We the People­The U. S. Constitution and You”  write 5 things learned. 10 pts.
  2. Read Chapter 3, section 1 in Magruder’s text. Be able to answer the section review questions.  5 pts.
  3. Read the Civics text chapter 5, sections 1-3.  Be able to answer the section review questions, do not complete the analysis questions.  10 pts.
  4.  On poster board, make a full color poster showing the six constitutional principles.
                15 pts.
5.   Make flash cards using the vocabulary terms on the board.  Learn them.  10 pts.
  1. Write a song on how to reach compromise.  15 pts .
  2. Make a mobile showing the differences between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.
15 pts.
  1. Read the packet titled “The Constitution” and complete the review.  Be prepared to answer the questions on the review. 10 pts.
  2. Read the packet titled “Federalism” and complete the review.  Be prepared to answer the questions on the review.  10 pts.
  3. Make a federalism collage consisting of pictures and/or headlines from magazines or newspapers that illustrate the 3 different ‘division of powers’ of federalism.  You are to include 2 examples for each power.  15 pts.
  4. Do the worksheet packet­“Exploring the Constitution”  5 pts. per sheet
  5. Find a newspaper/magazine article on Checks and Balances, summarize the important points.  Prepare to discuss it with me.  10 pts.
  6. Read a newspaper/magazine article on Federalism, summarize the important points.  Prepare to discuss it with me.  10 pts.
  7. Read a newspaper/magazine article on Separation of Powers, summarize the important points.  Prepare to discuss it with me.  10 pts.
  8. Make up your own checks and balances worksheet with 5 checks, and an answer key.  Discuss with me.  5 pts.
  9. Design and illustrate a children’s book on the 7 Articles of the Constitution.  15 pts.
  10. On poster board, make a full color poster describing the 6 goals in the Preamble to the Constitution.  15 pts.
  11. Complete an Inquiry & Discovery Form using a graph or chart from Chapters 1-4 in Magruder’s or Civics text pages 102 or 104.  5 pts. each. Maximum 3 sheets
  12. Construct a board  game based on ideas in Section 3 Ch. 5 in the Civics text.  Have 2 classmates play the game.  20 pts.
  13. Complete the Critical Thinking Exercise with a partner in page 56 in the “We The People” text.  10 pts.
  14. Read the chapter in the Civics text and take the publisher made test.  10 pts.
B Layer.  Choose one.  15 pts.
  1. Write a story using the vocabulary terms from the board.
  • Create a puppet show teaching the main points of the six constitutional principles.
  • Make something edible demonstrating compromise.
  • Perform a debate(with a partner) comparing and contrasting the views of Patrick Henry and James Madison regarding the ratification of the U. S. Constitution. 
  • Use a media resource to identify an issue currently being debated in federal, state, or local government.  Compare the discussion, the news coverage, and the public involvement with the Constitutional Convention.
  • Demonstrate the three most important checks and balances, by performing a play with a partner.
  • Make a power point presentation on how Federalism affects our lives.
  • Make something edible demonstrating Checks and Balances.  
    A Layer.  Choose one.  Use an “A” level assignment sheet.  20 pts.
    1. Are the purposes of government today the same as those which the framers described in the Preamble?  Explain.
  • How does Federalism affect your own life?  Explain, give examples.
  • Should the Constitution be amended to allow Congress to overturn Supreme Court decisions?  Explain.
  • Which goal stated in the Preamble do you believe our nation has most nearly achieved?  Which goal do you think we have to do the most work on?  Give specific examples to support your answers.
  • If you could add one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be?  Why do you think this amendment would help our country?  
    *Attendance Bonus:  No tardies,  and present at all unit days. ____/5
    94-100 = A   93-86 = A-  85-82 = B+  81-75 = B  74-71 = B-  70-67 = C+  66-60 =C  59-56 = C-
                                                      55-52 = D+  51-45 = D  44-40 = D-
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        Parent signature/date                                                                                                        contact phone #
    (parent signature and date worth 5 pts. in the C layer)