Garry Knapp
Monroe, MI
Chapters 10, 11, 12 in Magruder's American Government
Chapter 8 in Civics Participating in Government
Name_______________________________  Due Date__________  Your Score_____100/max.
Unit 5 (assignments with an * are REQUIRED and will be done as a class)
C layer.  Maximum 65 points in this section.
1.   Listen to the lecture and take notes.  5 pts. per day
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  1. Make flash cards using the vocabulary terms on the board.  Learn them.  10 pts.
  • Read the Civics text chapter titled The Legislative Branch.  Be able to answer #1-10 pg.193. 10 pts.
  • B layer-ONLY choose one   15 pts.
    1. Write a story using vocabulary terms from the board.
    2. Create a puppet show teaching how a bill becomes a law.
    3. Find four news articles which document Congress using its Constitutional powers.  Under each article label the power used.
    4. Make something edible demonstrating how your Congressperson represents you or does not represent you.
    5. Write a help-wanted advertisement  for a Congressperson (Senator or Representative).
    6. Perform your own song or poem using 10 congressional powers.
    7. Analyze a current bill now in Congress and present it to the class.  You need to include:  the bill number and which body of Congress it was introduced in, the subject, who introduced it (sponsor), and what committee is studying it.  In your presentation include who would want this bill made into law? And who would oppose it?, in your opinion.
    A layer.  Choose one.  Use an €œA€ level assignment sheet.  20 pts.
    1. Should we be able to choose death?
    2. Should we limit the terms of our senators and representatives?
    3. Should citizens have the right to refuse to serve in the armed forces?
    4. Should the way a bill becomes a law be changed?
    5. Should the filibuster be limited when the Senate is advising the President on his choice of Supreme Court Justices?
    *Attendance Bonus:  No tardies,  and present at all unit days. ____/5
    94-100 = A   93-86 = A-  85-82 = B+  81-75 = B  74-71 = B-  70-67 = C+  66-60 =C  59-56 = C-
                                                      55-52 = D+  51-45 = D  44-40 = D-
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    (parent signature and date worth 5 pts. in the C layer)