Fraction Operations

 Ginny Barker

6th grade math

Knob Noster Middle School


  1. Add fractions.
  2. Subtract fractions with and without regrouping.
  3. Multiply fractions.
  4. Divide fractions.
  5. Solve problems using four operations of fractions.

Layer C—you must complete 3 activities in each objective—30 points each for a maximum of 150 points. 

Objective 1--Adding Fractions:

___ 1.  Make flash cards of 20 problems (10 with common denominators and 10 without common denominators).  Be prepared to explain to me how you add fractions.

___ 2.  Do the worksheet Texarkana Bernstein: The World’s Greatest Adventurer and Her Trusty Dog Woovis.

___ 3.  Find a website that helps the user practice adding fractions. Write the website here:________________________________________________________________ Practice on that website for 20 minutes.  Have your parents sign here saying they observed you practicing. ________________________________________

___ 4.  Make fraction strips and show me how you would add fractions using them.

___ 5.  Demonstrate how to add fractions with the fraction table. 

___ 6.  Make a mobile describing how to add fractions with uncommon denominators.

___ 7.  Listen to the lecture and take notes. 

Objective 2--Subtracting Fractions:

___ 1.  Take a timed test on subtracting fractions (10 problems in five minutes; problem will involve all types of subtraction problems.  Score an 80% or better.

___ 2.  Interview an adult, have them explain to you how to subtract fractions with      regrouping.  If they are incorrect teach them how to subtract the fractions correctly.  Be prepared to tell me how the interview went and bring me the problems they did with their signature. 

___ 3.  Do page 292 1-25 in your textbook.

___ 4.  Make fraction strips and show me how to subtract fractions using them.

___ 5.  Learn the Adding and Subtracting Fractions Song and perform it for me.

___ 6.  Make a foldable to help with the steps for subtracting fractions.

___ 7.  Listen to the lecture and take notes. 

Objective 3--Multiplying Fractions:

___ 1.  Play a 3x3 square game with multiplying fractions.

___ 2.  Create a worksheet for others to do over multiplying fractions.  Be sure to make an answer key.

___ 3.  Do The More ….The Merrier! worksheet .

___ 4.  Using the fraction table, show me how to multiply fractions. 

___ 5.  Create a bulletin board design explaining the steps to multiply fractions.

___ 6.  Do page 700, problems 1-21 in the yellow Saxon Book.

___ 7.  Listen to the lecture and take notes. 

Objective 4--Dividing Fractions:

___ 1.  Louie Lewis:  The Case of the Flipping Fractions

___ 2.  Make a board game with at least 20 problems.

___ 3.  Create a number crossword using at least 20 division problems.  Include an answer key.

___ 4.  Using fraction towers demonstrate how to divide fractions. 

___ 5.  Write a front page news article about the problem students have with dividing fractions. 

___ 6.  Create your 20 of your own division problems and show them to me.

___ 7.  Listen to the lecture and take notes. 

Objective 5--Problem Solving:

___ 1.  Complete the Brownie Dilemma

___ 2.  Complete the Three Treasure Hunters Puzzle

___ 3.  Listen to lecture and take notes 

B Layer:  Choose one (20 points) 

___ 1.  Find a favorite recipe.  Rewrite the recipe for twice as many ingredients and half as many ingredients.  Make the recipe and bring in to share with the class.

___ 2.  Make a power point to teach how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  Be sure to include real world examples of each of the four operations. 

___ 3.  Write a one page essay (at least four paragraphs, one for each operation) explaining why everyone should know the four operations of fractions and an example of each of those operations you would use in the real world. 

A Layer:  Choose one (30 points) 

___ 1.  Take a unit test over the four operations with fractions and score an 80% or better.

___ 2.  Have a debate with one other student, one of you take the view of fraction education at the 6th grade level and one of you take the view of no fraction education at the 6th grade level.  Be sure to include specific real world examples and defend them.

___ 3.  Write a one page fictional story about a world with no fractions.   

Due Dates: Subject to change if I see that more time is needed.

Be sure to listen in class for the due dates of each objective.                   

The B/A layer activities will not be started until all of the previous layer activities are completed.  The test day for the A layer will be announced a week before the test. 

Extra Credit opportunities:

For the C layer if you choose to do an extra activity you can earn 10 points in each objective for a maximum of 30 extra credit points in the layer. 

Grading scale: 

C 140-159 points ____ B 160-179 points ___  A 180-200 points _____ 

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