Gloria Ruttman
Kansas City, MO

Chapter Eight
Properties of Matter

Layered Curriculum Design
2nd Grade

Science Objectives for Lessons One through Four:

Lesson One: What is Matter?

Required:  Read pages 234 to 241.

C LAYER:  Minimum 36 to 65 points

   1. Use the T-Chart given to you by teacher and complete the chart.                           5 points   

   3. Read page 234-235 and do workbook page 91.                     5 points

  1. Do the science activity “Explore What Happens When Oil Is Mixed with Water” on

     5. Read the “How to Read Science” Activity on pp. 237 and complete pg. 92 and 93.      10 points

     6. Read page 239 “Lesson One: What Is Matter?” and do workbook pp 94.         5 points

  1. Read page 239 and explain “How paper, water and air are alike and why a hand held
  1. Read page 240 and explain what is meant by the term, “Property?”                5 points 
  2. Read page 241 and write down four ways that objects can be sorted by

      using their properties.                                  5 points

        10.    Read page 240 and 241 and write down some of the properties of matter.          5 points

.   11.    What is a property? And what are the properties of the sponge shown on page 241

           and the one displayed in class?                                                                                            5 points

12.   How do the properties of a pipe cleaner compare to the properties of a plastic bowl?        5 points

  1. The word Property is an example of a word that has more than one meaning.  Can you   10 points


B LAYER:  Choose one for 20 points 

  1. “What kind of Matter can hold a spoon when it is wet?” Try a tissue, a paper towel, and pieces of cloth. Write your experiment in your science journal using the scientific method: Explore, Diagram and Explain Results.

A LAYER:  Choose one for 15 points

  1. Explain why scattering salt on icy sidewalks melts the ice.
  2. Explain the difference between mass and weight.  What do you thing would happen if there was no gravity?
  3. Would you weigh more or less if you lived on the moon?  Explain your answer.