Physical Science

Unit: Motion

Grant Stock
High School Principal
Crane, MO

Instructional Goals: 

    Assignment C Layer Points Signature
    Assignment B Layer    
    Assignment A Layer    

                                                Total points   _____

Student Signature________________________________  Date_________  

Parent Signature________________________________  Date_________ (5 points)

C Layer Assignments


B Layer Assignments

  1. Do hot wheels lab. (10 points)
  1. Do track lab. (10 points)
  1.   Graph and tracks activity. (10 points)
  1. Design an experiment with Vernier photo gates, carts, and track that will show constant velocity of a cart and constant acceleration. (10 points)
  1. Create a board game that we could play that would incorporate all the concepts we have learned this chapter. (10 points)

A Layer Assignments

100 - 90 89 - 80 79 - 70 69 - 60 59 - 0

Rubric for Oral Defense C Layer 

    8.0 Exceeds learning goals/ beyond content and skills being taught
    6.0 Has met all targeted learning goals
    4.0 Has met simpler or some learning goals, but is missing larger concept
    2.0 Needs assistance for partial success
    0.0 No learning has taken place
  1. Title:
  1. Purpose:

    State what it is you are trying to determine with this lab.

  1. Materials and Equipment:

    List all materials used and draw a picture of the equipment used

  1. Procedure:


  1. Data Collection and Data Analysis:
  1. Conclusion: